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Nicholas Adamsworth
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Nicholas Adamsworth is an orphan who attended Campbell County Community College at the age of 11 as part of a program for students with extremely high intelligence. Here he met Eugene Meltsner in the computer records department in the episode #76: “Eugene's Dilemma”.

His counselor was Richard Maxwell who blackmailed Nicholas into changing student grades by threatening to give a bad report and get him kicked out of college. The exposure of the scheme resulted in the expulsion of Richard Maxwell from the school, the probation of Nicholas and the return of Eugene to Whit's End having been terminated in #73: “A Bite of Applesauce”.

Eugene and Nicholas continued to work together and in one event, Nicholas accidentally deleted one of Eugene's computer projects which sent him running to Whit's End to hide in #80: “A Prisoner for Christ”. Nicholas is convinced to return to Eugene to ask forgiveness after witnessing the story of Onesimus in the Imagination Station.

However, Nicholas makes a complete turn in character in #239: “The Power”. In this episode his character returns in middle school rather than in college. He also has joined the Bones of Rath and has hatched a plan to take revenge on the people who picked on him earlier in his life. The plan also includes a grade changing scam which harkens back to his first episode, although without the remorse or blackmail as his motive, however.

This episode was written by newcomer Marshal Younger, which might explain the discrepancy between the 2 divergent versions of the character. However, there is no documented commentary on this in either of the Adventures in Odyssey printed guides.


Nicholas Adamsworth: Hi Mr. Whittaker! Bye Mr. Whittaker!
John Whittaker: Oh-Wha-?! Nicholas! Nicholas, what are you doing?
Nicholas Adamsworth: Uh, hiding!
John Whittaker: Well, I can see that! Who are you hiding from?
Nicholas Adamsworth: Just Eugene!
John Whittaker: Nicholas!
Nicholas Adamsworth: Sorry! He's not home!
John Whittaker: Now Nicholas...
Nicholas Adamsworth: No one here by that name!

#80: “A Prisoner for Christ”

Nicholas Adamsworth: Computers are the gateway to the future, the pathway to advancement for kids like me.

#239: “The Power”

Eugene Meltsner: How old are you, Nicholas?
Nicholas Adamsworth: Eleven years, three months, 2 days, ten hours and 54 minutes old, not counting daylight savings.

#76: “Eugene's Dilemma”

Nicholas Adamsworth: You mean you''re not sending me back to the orphanage?
Thomas Grayson: We are not sending you back to the orphanage.
Nicholas Adamsworth: Yahoo!! I-I mean—thank you sir; I am extremely grateful.

#76: “Eugene's Dilemma”

John Whittaker: Are you familiar with the New Testament?
Nicholas Adamsworth: Well, I don't know how familiar I am with it, but I've read it several times.

#80: “A Prisoner for Christ”

Nicholas Adamsworth: There are a number of guys in our school who would very much like to hurt me very badly. I don't like to be hurt. It's very painful.
Rusty Gordon (Malone): Very.

#239: “The Power”

Nicholas Adamsworth: Are you in charge of this kangaroo trial?

#76: “Eugene's Dilemma”


Nicholas Adamsworth is voiced by Dick Beals, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 88%.

Nicholas Adamsworth has been mentioned in 4 episodes.