Eugene and Katrina's Relationship Arc

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This is a list of episodes involving the relationship between Eugene and Katrina.


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Connie Kendall: Look, you're a boy, which naturally means you don't know the first thing about girls. I'm a girl, which...

Eugene Meltsner: Which naturally means you know everything there is to know about boys and girls.

Connie Kendall: Right!

Eugene Meltsner: What?!

#260: “Naturally, I Assumed...”

Eugene Meltsner: I believe that...I'm in love with Katrina.

#266: “It Began with a Rabbit's Foot”

Eugene: I would humbly suggest to be careful not to jump to any conclusions.

Katrina: Oh, I’d never count my chickens before they hatched.

Eugene: But you might kill two birds with one stone.

Katrina: Not when a bird in hand is worth two in a bush.

Eugene: Unless bird of a feather flock together.

Katrina: Well, then, I’d be forced to fly the coop.

Eugene: There was poultry humor in that remark.

Katrina: Oh, Eugene, that’s a fowl thing to say!

Eugene: Well, I was just winging it.

#283: “A Book by Its Cover”

Jason Whittaker: Do you love him?

Katrina Shanks: Do I love him?

Jason Whittaker: I asked you first!

#335: “Love is in the Air, Part 1”

Eugene Meltsner: What am I gonna do?! She's not only engaged, she's getting married! Oh, why did I ever go to Israel? What am I gonna do?!

Jason Whittaker: What do you mean what are you gonna do?

Eugene Meltsner: I believe my question was precise as it could be under the circumstances.

Jason Whittaker: Look, she's not married yet, is she?

Eugene Meltsner: No.

Jason Whittaker: Then it's not too late for you to rent a car, drive up to Lake Shore Lodge, and bring her back to her senses! <beat> Provided you love her enough to do it.

Eugene Meltsner: Of course I love her!

Jason Whittaker: Then fight for her!

#362: “The Right Choice, Part 1”

Eugene Meltsner: Yes! I must fight for her! Gentlemen, if you'll forgive me, I must make a hasty departure to the rental desks. Farewell!

Jason Whittaker: Knock 'em dead Eugene!

John Whittaker: Do you think that was wise, Jason? Basically, you just sent Eugene on a mission to storm someone else's wedding. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

#362: “The Right Choice, Part 1”

Eugene Meltsner: <on phone> No, Mr. Whittaker, I jest not. I rushed in and shouted that it would be a big mistake for Mrs. Shanks to marry Mr. Shanks! <beat> Who's that laughing in the background? Well, tell Jason I don't share his sense of humor! Big help he turned out to be!

#362: “The Right Choice, Part 1”

Eugene Meltsner: You're making a terrible mistake, Mr. Shanks! You can't let this marriage happen!

Armitage Shanks: I can't? You disapprove of me marrying my wife?

#362: “The Right Choice, Part 1”

Katrina Shanks: <to Eugene> You're being so childish! <to Brandon> He started it!

#363: “The Right Choice, Part 2”

Katrina Shanks: Even though you're obviously jealous...

Eugene Meltsner: I am not jealous!

Katrina Shanks: And in denial...

Eugene Meltsner: I am not in denial!

#363: “The Right Choice, Part 2”

Eugene Meltsner: I don't have any other friends! I mean, not like her. I mean, I have you [Whit] and Connie. But I admire you, and all I ever do is argue with Connie.

Connie Kendall: That's not true!

Eugene Meltsner: See?

#373: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 2”

Bernard Walton: Eugene, you are unbelievable!

Eugene Meltsner: Ah, I believe I am entirely based within the realm of plausibility.

Bernard Walton: But no one does a survey to decide who they're going to marry!

#374: “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, Part 3”

Millie Shanks: It's a Shanks wedding. It never rains on a Shanks wedding!

Connie Kendall:, it's a Meltsner wedding! And trust me, it would rain on a Meltsner wedding.

#570: “For Better or For Worse, Part 1”