The Green Ring

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The Green Ring
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The Green Ring was a group of money counterfeiters that based near Odyssey. It used the company name Green Ring Publishing to get special paper from a paper mill in Connellsville. The counterfeit money they produced was of a high quality and they had been in Odyssey for years. Many people around Odyssey were involved with it; Benjamin Trask, Jebidiah Skint, Buck Oliver, The Stiletto, and Archie Haggler as well as others. The Ring stored the counterfeit money in a place called The Old Ross Compound owned by Dr. Trask. The money was originally going to be distributed with the items sold at Archie's auction for his old goods, and then plans changed. The money was going to be transported by train. The Green Ring was shut down by investigative teamwork amongst Monty Whittaker, John Whittaker, Detective Polehaus, and a few others and the train never made it to its destination.