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For the Leatherbound edition see 90 Devotions for Kids (Leatherbound Edition).
90 Devotions for Kids
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October 2012
April 2017
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Adventures in Odyssey Devotions 90 Devotions for Kids Mealtime Devotions


Written by the Adventures in Odyssey team, 90-Day Devotions for Kids provides fun, Bible-based devotions for families and will encourage children to spend time learning more about God. There are no better mentors than Whit and the folks from Odyssey to partner with parents as they teach their children about God’s Word and make the truths of the Bible accessible to their kids.

AIO’s 90-Day Devotions for Kids includes thirteen weeks of devotions. Sidebars from Odyssey favorites Wooton, Whit, Connie, and Eugene provide friendly suggestions for life applications. Each week has an individual theme and will include an overview to introduce the theme, seven devotions that reference AIO dramas, and an activity, puzzle, or game to reinforce the core biblical truths taught during the week. Parents will find the tools they need to help start children on a path toward regular time alone with God, and families will be encouraged to spend time together as they share the daily readings.


  • Re-released in April 2017 with imitation leather cover.