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Stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow, this is the best Adventures in Odyssey site. Well to borrow the colloquialism.


These are just some of my favorite AIO quotes.

Tom, type in "Applesauce!"

Mr. Whittaker, Exit

What that’s preposterous, how can you expect us to do the intelligent thing at a time like this!

Harlow Doyle, Best Intentions

Anytime you're in town you guys, don't hesitate to uh call our answering machine.

Foster Smith-Hammer, The Fifth House on the Left, Part 2

The best is yet to come..

Mr. Whittaker, The Imagination Station, Part 2,Our Daily Bread, A Prayer for George Barclay

My username "aiow" stands for two things. Number one is "Adventures in Odyssey wiki" Number two is "Adventures in Odyssey weekend" when traditionally I would first get to hear the new episodes. I've come to know Odyssey over many years, and I'm a bigger fan of the show than Ethan Daniels.

I help the AIO wiki when I come across something that needs to be fixed, God bless Aiow. Editing this wiki since the 10th of March 2012.

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