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Thank you for taking your time to read this! Although, you may close out the page now and not read it just to spite me. I hope you don’t, because I have an exciting announcement! Are you ready? It’s– oh, yeah, you already know. Okay, I’ll get serious now and explain.

AIOWiki Podcast #30
November 22, 2020
Since 2017, the AIOWiki Podcast has grown from an experimental mixture of news and reviews to one of the most popular Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts. Now, after three-and-a-half years of views, reviews, news, and interviews, the podcast has come to an end. Lee and Arista reflect on the past thirty editions and all that happened behind the scenes in this final edition of the AIOWiki Podcast.


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AIOWiki Podcast #29
August 22, 2020
For the first time in the history of AIO fan podcasting, the review of an Odyssey episode is joined by the writer himself. Phil Lollar returns to devote another three hours to the AIOWiki Podcast, this time breaking down the behind-the-scenes of “The Rydell Revelations, Part 3.” Lee and Ryan barrage him with clarifications, nitpicks, and questions, which eventually leads to the one question left hanging from the three-parter: “Is all of that… good?”


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AIOWiki Podcast #28
August 9, 2020
With Arista absent for this edition of the AIOWiki Podcast, Ryan Matlock jumps in to review with Lee the penultimate Rydell Saga episode, “The Rydell Revelations, Part 2.” How good is this continuation of the previous part? The two reviewers pore over all aspects of the episode, including the biggest plot twist and its implications for an earlier, unresolved mystery.


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AIOWiki Podcast #27
July 21, 2020
The end begins here. The Morrie Rydell Saga is finally finishing, and Lee and Arista are ready with the 27th AIOWiki Podcast, the review of “The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.” Without hearing the other two parts, is this episode a worthy impetus for the conclusion? Spoilers abound as we find out.


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AIOWiki Podcast #26
July 13, 2020
There’s a lot of humming on this edition of the AIOWiki Podcast, as we see how long Phil Lollar can go without spoiling anything about the Rydell Saga in Part II of the interview. Aside from Lee’s grilling him about Morrie, Phil shares about covering hard topics on Odyssey, the story around “One-in-Ten,” his relationships with the actors and other crew members, the themes behind “The Rydell Revelations,” and how Joss Whedon’s “Angel” is representative of Phil’s existential worldview.


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AIOWiki Podcast #25
July 13, 2020
As the release of “The Rydell Revelations” approaches, Phil Lollar joins the AIOWiki Podcast (along with Grayson Smith!) for an extensive interview about everything to do with everything. In Part I of this three-and-a-half-hour podcast, Phil talks about his general history as a writer on Odyssey, tips for writing and critiquing, how characters are written onto and off of the show, and much more — plus a “Lightning Round” of random trivia about Phil.


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AIOWiki Podcast #24
July 8, 2020
No nonsense this time on the AIOWiki Podcast as Lee and Arista fully unpack the episode “Further from the Truth.” Coming from an objective standpoint, the two reviewers discuss whether the episode was a worthy successor to “A Sacrificial Escape.” Emily’s emotions and maturity, Whit’s inside knowledge, Morrie’s portrayal, and Suzu’s possible guilt all factor in to the discussion in this review.


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AIOWiki Podcast #23
June 30, 2020
Settle in for the longest review on the AIOWiki Podcast yet. Arista, Izak, and Lee are back to talk about the next chapter (and Lee’s favorite) in the Rydell Saga, “A Sacrificial Escape.” Yet one of the reviewers doesn’t share the enthusiasm for this critically-acclaimed episode.… The team discusses Whit’s acting, the reason for the escape room’s existence, expectations, and Morrie’s come-uppance.


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AIOWiki Podcast #22
June 7, 2020
At long last, the review of Album 65: Expect the Unexpected concludes with “The Good in People.” Izak joins Lee and Arista to break down the fourth episode in the album, also the fourth in the Rydell Saga. Discussed in the review are Olivia’s disrespectfulness, goofs-that-aren’t-goofs, sound design quirks, and a bit of fanboyance.


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AIOWiki Podcast #21
December 29, 2019
Four reviewers at once take on “The Toy” in this edition of the AIOWiki Podcast. Hannah Morgan joins Lee, Arista, and Gracie to discuss Phil Lollar’s first episode in Album 65. Among the topics discussed are Connie’s character development, Wooton’s mental health, and Lee’s annoyance at the Adventures in Odyssey Club.


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AIOWiki Podcast #20
December 22, 2019
As the team continues the review of Album 65: Expect the Unexpected, things get a little off-script for the review of “The Sandwich Initiative.” Arista, Lee, and Gracie discuss the voices of the Parkers, how substantial an episode about a sandwich can be, and getting swamped in flies (among other things).


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AIOWiki Podcast #19
December 15, 2019
Today on the AIOWiki Podcast, fellow Odyssey fan Gracie Marchiani joins Arista and Lee for a fun review of “Divided We Fall.”


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AIOWiki Podcast #18
June 2, 2019
Fun is the order of the day on this interim edition of the AIOWiki Podcast! No reviews, no interviews, just a look forward to the next podcasts, and a peek into the hilarity of Lee and Arista … while redoing the Get in the Show! scripts.


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AIOWiki Podcast #17
January 20, 2019
Today’s edition of the AIOWiki Podcast, a review of “Not What I Expected,” explores an important question: can an episode be reviewed by people outside the target audience? Lee and Arista give their opinions and interpretations about the fifth episode in Album 65.


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AIOWiki Podcast #16
January 13, 2019
Lee and Arista return to episode reviews with a look at Album 65, starting with “The Shame About Fame.” They discuss the newest main character, Olivia and Zoe’s friendship, enthusiastic music, and clincher statements.


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AIOWiki Podcast #15
November 11, 2018
Lee and Arista welcome Grayson Smith to an interview with the AIOWiki Podcast! All three share in the fun as Grayson shares his love of Odyssey, experience with acting, various hobbies, cameos on the show, trip to the Bahamas, and more.


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AIOWiki Podcast #14
November 4, 2018
It’s been 12 AIO episodes and 13 podcast editions in the making. Now, for the culmination of the AIOWiki Podcast, get ready for Lee and Arista’s Avery Awards! Afterwards, the Out-of-Five Rating Rubric is revealed…with a few surprises!


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AIOWiki Podcast #13
September 9, 2018
The AIOWiki Podcast’s review of Album 64 closes with a few thoughts on “Out of the Picture.” Much attention to detail is given in this review of the final episode in the album.


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AIOWiki Podcast #12
August 5, 2018
“David and Absalom” is the next episode to be reviewed by Lee and Arista. They discuss the “really good” writing of the Bible story, individual actors like Andre Stojka and Kelly Stables, and how Odyssey’s music just keeps getting better.


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AIOWiki Podcast #11
April 1, 2018
After a short April Fools’ hoax, Lee and Arista are back with the highest-quality AIOWiki Podcast yet, showcasing a glowing review of “Sir Buddy’s Snowy Day.”


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AIOWiki Podcast #10
March 11, 2018
On the tenth AIOWiki Podcast (a small milestone but a milestone nonetheless), “The Secret of the Writer's Ruse” is up for review. Was it a good episode, or could the plot have been better? Decide for yourself or tune in to hear Lee and Arista’s opinion about it.


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AIOWiki Podcast #9
February 17, 2018
This time on the AIOWiki Podcast, Lee and Arista have a full, in-depth review of the first episode of Album 64. Besides that, Album 65 has been announced, along with a new boxed album and tons of news about some new books. Be sure to hear it!


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AIOWiki Podcast #8
December 23, 2017
This edition of the AIOWiki Podcast includes the most information about upcoming Odyssey episodes to date! Among the subjects fully covered are Album 64, the 2018 Adventures in Odyssey Club season, and the Live Show on the cruise.
NOTE: Lee did not end up reading the credits for Audio Theatre Central #101. He will in a future episode.


News:Archive/2017/12 - AIOWiki Podcast 8#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #7
October 15, 2017
As the interview with Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri finishes, the two discuss “Friend or Foe” in detail, the character developments of Buck Oliver and Jules Kendall, and what Odyssey has in store for the future.


News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 7#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #6
October 15, 2017
Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri join Lee and Arista for an interview on this edition of the podcast. They talk about being fans as kids, how they got started with the Odyssey team, and Nathan’s various work at Focus on the Family.


News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 6#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #5
October 06, 2017
After poring through Album 63, Lee and Arista close the review series of it with “B-TV: Revenge” and “Have a Heart.” Plus, news about the Get in the Show! finalists.


News:Archive/2017/10 - AIOWiki Podcast 5#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #4
August 27, 2017
Details have been released about all of the new episodes coming out soon, and it’s time to share what we know. Plus, the Adventures in Odyssey Bible. Later, Lee and Arista read the plot summaries for “Friend or Foe” and “Crash Course” and take time to review them.
PLEASE NOTE — This podcast is the longest so far, clocking just over 48:21. A smart way to listen would be to listen to the new info / plot summaries sections first, stop there, and then pick back up with the reviews (exactly halfway through).
Version without plot summaries: File:AIOWiki Podcast 4 (no plot summaries).mp3


News:Archive/2017/08 - AIOWiki Podcast 4#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #3
July 29, 2017
As more info trickles in, Lee and Arista reveal Album 64’s title, the next Imagination Station book, and, maybe, a little bit more….
Version without plot summary: File:AIOWiki Podcast 3 (no plot summary).mp3


News:Archive/2017/07 - AIOWiki Podcast 3#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #2
July 01, 2017
New official podcasts have come, and so has AIOWiki Podcast #2! Lee and Arista clear up questions left from Podcast #0 and discuss the latest spoilers in Odyssey.


News:Archive/2017/07 - AIOWiki Podcast 2#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #1
June 25, 2017
Following a lull in new AIO information, Lee and Arista take time to read the Get in the Show! 2017 scripts (or, at least, try to…).

News:Archive/2017/06 - AIOWiki Podcast 1#disqus_thread

AIOWiki Podcast #0
May 07, 2017
Lee and his co-host Arista tackle the hard questions of Odyssey, such as, “What episodes are in Album 63?” “When is each Club episode going to be released?” “When do we vote in the Get in the Show! contest?” “What’s happening on the Focus on the Family cruise?” The answers are revealed.


News:Archive/2017/05 - AIOWiki Podcast 0#disqus_thread

“So tell your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about the AIOWiki Podcast.”
AIOWiki Podcast #0 (8:15)
AIOWiki Podcast #1 (6:40)
AIOWiki Podcast #2 (5:17)
AIOWiki Podcast #3 (26:34)
AIOWiki Podcast #3 (no plot summary) (15:54)
AIOWiki Podcast #4 (48:21)
AIOWiki Podcast #4 (no plot summaries) (32:06)
AIOWiki Podcast #5 (38:02)
AIOWiki Podcast #6 (23:32)
AIOWiki Podcast #7 (29:32)
AIOWiki Podcast #8 (14:49)
AIOWiki Podcast #9 (27:20)
AIOWiki Podcast #10 (22:06)


On January 4th of this year (the same day the Odyssey Adventure Club changed its name), I posted on my To-Do pageAn AIOWiki podcast....” A while before then, I had been thinking about making a podcast. Seeing that AIOWiki is one of the most popular AIO fansites, I believed that it needed one. I discovered that the current dedicated fansites (the Odyssey Scoop; the Adventures in Odyssey Blog) do not have podcasts. (The ones they had simply died away.) However, I don’t have interviewing or reviewing skills (like those at the ScoopCast did), so my podcast had to be something different. My answer was to make a podcast that is always up-to-date, revealing ALL of the newest info about AIO. That’s what it became.

To even see if a podcast was something the fans would enjoy, I made a poll with the question, “Scientific Guy is thinking about making an AIOWiki podcast. On a scale of 1 – 10, what do you think?” The second-highest vote was “11.” As a joke, I put “What?!?” below “1” at the bottom, but “What?!?” got 44% percent of the votes. I’m still not exactly sure what that meant, but I went ahead anyway.

I’ve always had a problem in calling the wiki project pages “Adventures in Odyssey Wiki:Pagename.” Why couldn’t we just call them “AIOWiki:Pagename”? After all, our proper name is the abbreviated form. I will use that form for the name of the podcast. However, confusion arises as to whether it's AIOWiki or AIO Wiki, with a space. I'm just used to always calling it AIOWiki, but I'll just talk to Reddo about it later. It shouldn't be too hard to fix either way.


During brainstorming, I realized that I needed a co-host to make the podcast more interesting. I invited Arista Riley-Maxwell to be my co-host, and she accepted. As of April 18, 2017, I have recorded half of the script for the podcast, and Arista has recorded two-thirds.

I’ve already written the script, but I’m not planning on releasing it publicly just yet. I will tell the approximate layout of it.

The approximate length of the podcast is 7 minutes.


The AIOWiki Podcast will be uploaded to the wiki in an MP3 file, and will be released in a news item. Another news item will precede the release (I’m shooting for May) by a week.

At this time, I will not be using RSS/FeedBurner. Why not?

  1. Reddo is the only one who knows how to and can set up an other, separate feed.
  2. …I guess that’s the only viable reason.

Since Reddo’s in Brasil, unresponsive, I won’t be able to ask him about the feed anytime soon. Don’t worry; an RSS feed will come sometime.

I have created a (temporary) RSS feed for those who wish to use it:


The AIOWiki Podcast’s intro contains some clips from outtakes of the Official Podcast that I got from Nathan Hoobler in 2015. I’ve asked him if I can use them, and he’s thinkin’ about it. I got Mr. Hoobler’s permission before Podcast #0 was uploaded. I also need to get a developer’s permission (either Reddo or Shadowpaw) to release the podcast. Since I can’t reach Reddo, I’ve asked Nathan for Shadowpaw’s contact info. Once I get the permissions, the week-before news item will be announced.

I hope I’ve informed you well enough, and that you’ll support the podcast on its release. In the meantime, stay on your toes!

Scientific Guy


Podcast #0 was posted about on the Odysseynerds blog after it was released. Other comments made have been:

This is pretty cool you guys! You both have enjoyable, fun, and easy to listen to voices! Your music and sound effects were on point. I felt like I was listening to a news station. Just, about Odyssey. :)

Penny Bassett, Podcast #0 (upvoted 40+ times)

This podcast is awesome! You guys are amazing! Your podcast has good humor, relevant news, and awesome sound design. Keep up the amazing work.

— Luke (from Odysseynerds), Podcast #0

Very nice you two! Good work syncing your voices at the end for "The AIOwiki Podcast."

Aiow, Podcast #2

You guys do a great job and make the AIOWiki such fun to listen to! Keep up the awesome work!!

— NJ, Podcast #8

Special Segments


The contents of this section are hidden to save space. Click on this notice to view.

Podcast #0

@ 18:24, 5 May 2017 (MDT): I have all of my lines recorded, and I’m just waiting on Arista to send me her lines. She said she’d rerecord them two weeks ago and I haven’t heard from her since. I also sent Reddo an email and he didn’t respond. If you’re reading this and want to be my co-host for an upcoming episode, send me a message and I’ll consider it. What do you think you’re talking about, Mr. Pushy??

@ 08:17, 6 May 2017 (MDT): Arista has sent me the clips! I am editing them.

@ 10:15, 6 May 2017 (MDT): Accidentally deleted the edited recording I made from my source recording… redoing the edits…

@ 19:11, 6 May 2017 (MDT): The first podcast is announced!! It will be released within a week.

@ 13:08, 7 May 2017 (MDT): My work is all done early, so Podcast #0 (the pilot) has been released! Once new info comes out, I’ll set to work on #1.

@ 07:21, 8 May 2017 (MDT): There was a problem with using Google Drive, so the file has been directly uploaded to the wiki.

Podcast #1

@ 17:58, 8 May 2017 (MDT): Begun planning. My co-host will again be Arista.

@ 16:33, 14 May 2017 (MDT): Two sections recorded.

@ 12:11, 25 June 2017 (MDT): Full lines finally recorded, received, edited, produced, and released!

Podcast #2

@ 12:11, 25 June 2017 (MDT): Already been planning. Estimated release is late July.

@ 19:24, 26 June 2017 (MDT): Written, most of Arista’s lines recorded. I will get mine done maybe this weekend.

@ 19:20, 28 June 2017 (MDT): All of Arista’s lines received!

@ 20:07, 28 June 2017 (MDT): Arista’s lines edited.

@ 19:35, 2 July 2017 (MDT): Done!

Podcast #3

@ 19:35, 2 July 2017 (MDT): Will showcase the new info released today.

@ 11:28, 16 July 2017 (MDT): Written, setting up recording times with Arista.

@ 17:48, 23 July 2017 (MDT): Special section is recorded and is being edited.

@ 18:59, 26 July 2017 (MDT): Full lines recorded and undergoing edits.

@ 12:54, 29 July 2017 (MDT): Done!!! Now that it’s uploaded, I get a break... NOT!

Podcast #4

@ 12:54, 29 July 2017 (MDT): Begun planning.

@ 15:18, 17 August 2017 (MDT): Lousy updating... but who's reading this anyway? Recorded all my lines, most of Arista's, my lines edited. (Speak up, boy, speak up!!)

@ 14:36, 27 August 2017 (MDT): Superlong podcast released! Yay... now to work on #5!

Podcast #5

@ 15:18, 17 August 2017 (MDT): Have a general idea for main content, review recorded, half of it edited.

@ 18:01, 2 September 2017 (MDT): Written, my lines recorded, review fully edited, waiting on Arista’s lines.

@ 16:17, 3 September 2017 (MDT): Most of the lines pieced together.

@ 14:53, 22 September 2017 (MDT): Due to problems with recording, this podcast will not be released for some time.

@ 18:06, 4 October 2017 (MDT): I need to figure out how to prioritize my time during the day in order to get all of my schoolwork done and have some time at the end of the day to relax. So far this year, I haven't reached that yet. Eventually I will get a handle on it. Anyway, the podcast is virtually ready to upload, but there is one more thing for me to do with it. And I can't do that unless my homework is done, or else my grades will suffer. School is more important. You'll hear again from me when my homework is done.

@ 17:41, 5 October 2017 (MDT): (Done enough for today, I'll do more on Saturday) Finalizing!

@ 19:06, 5 October 2017 (MDT): OOOH! So close! One more listen-through and I'll be done...!

@ 19:30, 6 October 2017 (MDT): Uploaded! Yess! Yesss!

Podcast #6

@ 15:18, 17 August 2017 (MDT): Already fully planned!

@ 18:01, 2 September 2017 (MDT): Coordinating recording dates.

@ 19:15, 18 September 2017 (MDT): Recorded, begun editing...

@ 12:16, 26 September 2017 (MDT): Main part done editing, writing script soon.

@ 18:06, 4 October 2017 (MDT): Fully recorded.

@ 18:05, 21 October 2017 (MDT): Again, lousy updating, but the two-part interview was uploaded last week!

Podcast #7

@ 12:30, 24 September 2017 (MDT): I've got a different idea for this one, let's see if it works.

@ 18:05, 21 October 2017 (MDT): Ditto as Podcast #6!

Podcast #8

@ 14:36, 27 August 2017 (MDT): Also fully planned!

@ 18:38, 3 December 2017 (MST): Man, I'm so late! Fully recorded, and starting editing. Not an outtake reel.

@ 15:05, 23 December 2017 (MST): WOO HOO! DONE!!

Podcast #9

@ 18:48, 29 December 2017 (MST): Recorded main section, editing...

@ 19:36, 7 January 2018 (MST): Finished editing!

@ 18:57, 14 January 2018 (MST): Wrote wraparound script...

Podcast #10

@ 12:55, 8 March 2018 (MST): Wrote wraparound.

@ 15:47, 11 March 2018 (MDT): Done!