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Infobox User
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This template is for displaying personal user information on a user page.


{{Infobox User


Variable Parameters
name Username (defaults to page name)
image Image for user (modify with px, link with image_link)
realname The user's real name.
location Where the user lives.
year month day Birthdate (in numbers, e.g. |year=1999|month=12|day=29; if you want you can just use year)
usertype User type (e.g. Administrator, Bureaucrat), use usertype2 and so on for more groups.
joined Date the user joined AIOWiki.
number User ID number on AIOWiki. (Find at https://www.aiowiki.com/w/api.php?action=query&list=users&format=json&ususers=USERNAME replacing USERNAME with user name.)
edits Override the edit count. (The template automatically fills this in.)
too The Town of Odyssey user number. (Find on ToO profile page and use the number after the u= from the URL.)
fb Facebook username.
tooname Town of Odyssey username (if different from AIOWiki username).
collect Number of Official AIO items in your collection.
signature The user's custom signature. Specify a signature template.
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