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Tom Riley drawn as mayor.

This is a list of people who have served as mayor of Odyssey. Note that all these characters are right-handed, as city ordinance prohibits any left-handed individual from serving as mayor of Odyssey.


Mayor Term First Reference
Horace McAlister Before 1794 or after 1862 #92: “The Ill-Gotten Deed”
Abel McAlister Circa 1794 #539: “Called On in Class”
Terrence Howard 1800s "Old-Town Odyssey" Clubhouse serial
Mayor Wells Circa 1909 #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”
Harmon Fillmore 1910’s #887: “Unsinkable, Part 2”
Charles Donigol Circa 1942 #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”
Mayor Perkins Circa 1988 #10: “Nothing to Fear”
Bill Jenkins Unknown - 1992 #214: “The Living Nativity”
Curt Stevens May 11, 1991 #153: “Mayor for a Day”
Tom Riley 1992 - 1997 #286: “Tom for Mayor, Part 1”
Margaret Faye 1997 - 2009 #380: “The One About Trust, Part 1”
Spencer Hicks 2010 - Present #667: “The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 1”


Horace McAlister

Horace McAlister has been revealed as the founder of Odyssey in many episodes, including #92: “The Ill-Gotten Deed” and #539: “Called On in Class”. Presumably he became the first mayor of the town.


In the episode, #636: “A Class Reenactment”, it is revealed that Horace McAlister was the founder, and probably the first mayor of Odyssey, and lived on a homestead. However, in #633: “License to Deprive”, it is revealed that oldest house in Odyssey, the McAlister House, was built in 1794, almost 70 years before the Homestead act was signed in 1862. Furthermore, Abel McAlister lived through a flood that destroyed the entire town of Odyssey (#539: “Called On in Class”) which means that the oldest house in Odyssey (the McAlister House) built in 1794 and is still standing, must have been built after that flood. That means that Horace McAlister must have been mayor prior to 1794.

Abel McAlister

Abel McAlister (related to Horace and the other McAlisters) was a mayor of Odyssey. In #539: “Called On in Class”, it is mentioned that a flood "completely wiped out the town". This means that Odyssey had to rebuild sometime after. #633: “License to Deprive” states that the oldest house in Odyssey still standing was built in 1794. Since Abel served after the flood, his term must have been in the late 18th century.

Terrence Howard

The only reference of Mayor Terrence Howard occurred in a Clubhouse Magazine story for Adventures in Odyssey`s 20th anniversary. The exact dates of his term in office are unknown, though it is known it was in the 1800s, when Odyssey had no more than a couple hundred residents. Mayor Howard's vision for his town was to make Odyssey "the envy of the world" by building gambling casinos, and he would go to great lengths to enact his plan. He even tried to frame and arrest a local pastor that opposed his views. Part of the story is on page 268 of The Official Guide.

Mayor Wells

In #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”, Eugene Meltsner identifies Mayor Wells on a photograph taken in 1909.

Harmon Fillmore

In #887: “Unsinkable, Part 2”, Harmon Fillmore opens the Fillmore Recreation Center.

Charles Donigol

According to Eugene's research in #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”, Charles Donigol served Odyssey during WWII, which lasted from 1939 to 1945. In 1942, when the Unites States joined the war, the town Ladies' Auxiliary built a shelter in the municipal park, and Donigol decided to move the town's time capsule (which was buried there) to the basement of the Fillmore Recreation Center.

Mayor Perkins

Mayor Perkins was the first mayor of Odyssey mentioned on Adventures in Odyssey. In #10: “Nothing to Fear”, John Whittaker mentions that "Mayor Perkins was out of town" so he could not attend a meeting at city hall. The episode was broadcast in 1988.

Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins is the first mayor of Odyssey to be widely proclaimed as the mayor of Odyssey. He first appears in #214: “The Living Nativity”, after a Nativity scene is challenged by the Rathbones. Jenkins resigns in #286: “Tom for Mayor, Part 1” for unknown reasons, which prompts Tom Riley to run for office.

Curt Stevens

Curt Stevens as mayor.

Curt Stevens becomes the mayor of Odyssey for one day as part of a contest in #153: “Mayor for a Day”. The episode originally aired on May 11, 1991.

Tom Riley

Tom Riley is convinced to run for mayor in #286: “Tom for Mayor, Part 1”. He wins the election against opponent Bart Rathbone. Riley is mentioned many times afterword as being the mayor, most importantly during the Blackgaard saga, where his position is challenged by a scandal during his campaign.

Tom served from 1992 - 1997, based on broadcast time.

While Tom served for five broadcast years, it's possible that his term was meant to last a little under four years assuming that like most cities, Odyssey's mayors serve four year terms.

Margaret Faye

In #380: “The One About Trust, Part 1” and #381: “The One About Trust, Part 2” businesswoman Margaret Faye beats returning candidate, Bart Rathbone and wins mayoral office.

Faye served from 1997 - 2009.

Assuming that Odyssey's mayor's serve four year terms, it's possible that Margaret Faye served a total of three terms as she served twelve years of real life time. This is also assuming that Odyssey doesn't have term limits.

Spencer Hicks

Spencer Hicks is the current mayor of Odyssey. However, his election was never talked about, he is just mentioned as mayor in #667: “The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Part 1”, aired in 2010 and #818 – #819: “Swept Away” which is a two-part Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive released in 2017.

Mayoral candidates

Bart Rathbone

Bart Rathbone runs against both Tom Riley and Margaret Faye, unsuccessfully.

Regis Blackgaard

Villain Regis Blackgaard runs for mayor in album 25. This becomes essential to his master plan in the Blackgaard saga.

Other Mayors

According to The Official Guide, an early idea for Album 50 was to reveal Regis Blackgaard's great-great grandfather, Terrence, as a previous mayor of Odyssey. This idea never surfaced.