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Freddy (a)
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Freddy was an Odyssey kid. He initially found Craig Moorhead's jokes to be funny. However, he became more critical of him when Craig kept joking around. He finally lashed out at Craig and revealed his parents had been arguing and they were divorcing soon. Later on Freddy came back into Whit's End and apologized to Craig for lashing out; he then asked him for a joke, as he felt he could use a laugh.

Freddy also appears in #4: “Connie Comes to Town”, wanting a milkshake. He didn't catch the hints that Whit was busy on the phone and picky about getting his shake. Tom Riley eventually fixed Freddy his shake.


His parents were getting a divorce.


Freddy (a) has appeared in 2 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors.

All (2)  · David Griffin (1987)  · Unknown (1987)

Freddy (a) has been mentioned in 2 episodes.