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Jake Barns
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Jake Barnes was a kid who proclaimed that he wasn't afraid of anything. He owned a pet mouse named Luthor that he was using to scare Shirley Zigler. When Shirley lost Luthor he pulled a prank on her and took her down into the basement in Whit's End. However, it backfired and he injured himself and needed Shirley to save him, though Whit later came down after returning from a meeting. It was later mentioned that he was grounded for his prank.


Whit mentions he has a father.


Jake Barns: Danny, maybe you should tell Connie about this table.
Danny: What?
Jake Barns: The table, tell Connie that it wobbles.
Danny: It does? Oh, yes, it does! Doesn't it?

#10: “Nothing to Fear”


Jake Barns is voiced by Chad Reisser, has appeared in 2 episodes.