Sheriff Smitty

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Sheriff Smitty
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The sheriff of Ambrosia, Arizona, home of the Last Chance Detectives.


Sheriff Smitty: John Glenn became the first American astronaut to orbit the earth. Now there's a hero for you. And if you ever wanna–
Mike Fowler: Hold on! Who did you say?
Sheriff Smitty: John Glenn.
Mike Fowler: The senator?
Sheriff Smitty: Well, he was an astronaut before that. Circled the earth three times, and then splashed down.
Mike Fowler: Whoa!
Sheriff Smitty: Yeah!
Mike Fowler: Sorry, gotta go. Thanks!

“Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 4”

Jason Whittaker: "What's happening?!"
Sheriff Smitty: "Oh, the elevator started up again."
Jason Whittaker: "Well stop it, I could get crushed!"
Sheriff Smitty: "The button is busted!"
Jason Whittaker: "Augh!"
Sheriff Smitty: "Get back down here! Jump!"

“The Day Ambrosia Stood Still, Part 4”

Ben Jones: You gotta call the army! The National Guard! They're here!
Sheriff Smitty: What in the blue blazes? Who, who's here?
Ben Jones: The aliens! They're landing in the desert!

“Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa”

Sheriff Smitty: Mr. Barnett, with all due respect, all these so called leads have turned up bogus. You might as well be lookin' for Elvis in a flying saucer.

“Mystery of the Lost Voices, Part 1”


Sheriff Smitty has not appeared in any episodes or videos.