The Case of the Broken Lamp

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“The Case of the Broken Lamp”
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The Case of the Broken Lamp is an episode that was able be recorded at Whit's End in Colorado Springs until 2018, when it was replaced by another script.


Mr. Whittaker has found his his "Mr. Happy Clown" lamp broken on the floor in his office, and Detective Connie Kendall must find out who broke it.


Connie stands in Whit's office and finds Whit's Happy Clown Desk lamp, broken. Mr. Whittaker and Connie conclude that the only people that have been in Whit's office recently are Jamie and Casey. According to Casey, he/she went into Whit's office with his/her friend, Jamie, to sharpen his/her pencil. He/she did as such and Jamie was riding the mechanical horse in the office. After a while, they left with nothing harmed. Whit then is sure of who broke the lamp; the culprit is, both Jamie and Casey. The vibrating from both the pencil sharpener and horse, moved the lamp to the edge of the desk. When the door slammed, it fell off, and broke.


Characters Actors
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Jamie Whit’s End visitor
Casey Whit’s End visitor
Unknown Aria Curzon


  • This episode is recorded in the "Kids Radio Studio" in Colorado Springs. "Jamie" and "Casey" are played by guests at Whit's End, along with the foley done live by other guests. The names Jamie and Casey are uni-gender so anyone can fill their parts. Unlike a normal episode, it runs approximately ten minutes, with an opening introducing the family.