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Money Number Question Status Answered by Answer
$25 1. Name three episodes that Bernard's wife appears in ($5 extra for her name) Check.svg Done Chandler Bad Luck, Prequels of Love, Silent Night (Maude Walton)
$50 2. Which Odyssey episode does Officer Harley appear in that has episode number in the one hundreds? Check.svg Done Peachy Keen (User:Peachey Keen) The Adventure of the Adventure
$5 3. Which odyssey cast and crew member played "AREM" during the Novacom Saga. Check.svg Done Daniel Slozat Bob Luttrell
$100 4. How many albums does Chandler own. (Chandler can't answer, sorry) Check.svg Done derekschroer 97 (And Rising)
$40 5. What is the longest episode to date? Check.svg Done Chandler In My Image (Debatible)
$30 6. Name at least 10 episodes with Connie, Eugene, Tom, Bernard, and Whit. Check.svg Done Reddo (User:reddo) See here
$50 7. Name at least 10 memebers of the McCalister family including those by marriage Check.svg Done Chandler See McCalister
$10 8. Name 6 of the titles in the 1991 chick-fil-a package. Check.svg Done Chandler The Day Independence Came, The Case of the Secret Room, Part 1, The Case of the Secret Room, Part 2, Our Best Vacation Ever, That's Not Fair, Rumor Has It
$100 9. What episode prominently feautured a police man and a pickle? Check.svg Done Chandler Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming
$20 10. What album has more episode than any other? Check.svg Done Chandler Platinum Collection
$40 11. In which episode does Chris come in from a rowboat? Check.svg Done Robyn Jacobs (User:Robyn Jacobs) Family Vacation
$20 12. What color of clamshell case did the orginal cassette release of album 7 have? (The rim of the case) Check.svg Done Chandler Blue
$40 14. What episode is a spoof of the Odyssey videos? (Hint: not Dobson Comes to Town) Check.svg Done LizzieG A Day in the Life
$5 15. Who is Campbell Freed? Check.svg Done Chandler Paul McCusker and Phil Lollar
$20 16. Who is the the Forbes' dentists' wife? Check.svg Done Reddo (User:reddo) Ruth
$5 17. Who is Richard Maxwell's sister? Check.svg Done Chandler Rachael Woodworth
$10 18. What is Whit's alias in Moldova? Check.svg Done Chandler James Armer
$20 19. Name five episode where actors talk to themselves when they voice two characters that talk to each other. Check.svg Done LizzieG and aiofan_19 Tom for Mayor, Broken Window, The Return, Aloha Oy, Wrapped Around Your Finger
$5 20. Who owned the Webster Development firm? Check.svg Done LizzieG Regis Blackgaard
$10 21. What was "Stormy Weather" originally going to be named? Check.svg Done aiofan_19 A Stormy Afternoon
$10 22. When do we find out that Whit has a sister? Check.svg Done LizzieG My Brother's Keeper
$30 23. Name four episodes withe references to Davey's pizza oven. Check.svg Done Chandler Whit's Flop, Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming, Cousin Albert, and Stars in Our Eyes?
$5 24. What is the name of Mitch's sister? Check.svg Done JD Rachel Mitchell
$20 25. Name two episodes with refrences to Rachel Weaver. Check.svg Done Chandler The Winning Edge and Missed It by That Much
$10000 26. Who is Jeremy Benson? Unanswered At the end of the broadcast wrap of The Case of the Missing Train Car, there is an ad for next week's show (A Simple Addition) and Chris mentions Jeremy Benson not wanting to enlarge his family.
$5 27. Who said, "Love can conquer that obstacle"? Check.svg Done derekschroer Melanie Jacobs writes a fake love note to Eugene pretending to be Robyn
$5 28. When is the only time Eugene talks to Officer Harley? Check.svg Done Reddo (User:reddo) Curious, Isn't It?
$15 29. How was "BTV:Redeeming the Season" originally released? Check.svg Done Regis Blackbeard An Odyssey Christmas
$5 30. How much was Mandy's check worth in Split Ends? Check.svg Done Chandler and derekschroer $1.87
$5 31. How much money did Madge have in Gifts for Madge and Guy? Check.svg Done Chandler $1.87
$50 32. In what episode do we have the first mention of Agnes Riley? Check.svg Done Chandler The Case of the Missing Train Car
$10 33. Who was the first character to ride in Whit's car? Check.svg Done derekschroer Annie McNeal
$1000 34. Who is Jimmy Benson? Unanswered In a Family Portraits episode, Whit mentions that here daughter Jana not wanting to sit in church by Jimmy Benson.
$5 35. Which of the mainstream albums has the most episodes? Check.svg Done derekschroer Album 07: On Thin Ice
$5 36. Who said, "When your cleaning up dirty mop water, make sure your facing down wind"? Unanswered David Harley
$5 37. How many AIO albums do I own? ;) Check.svg Done Eugene 87
$5 38. What is the original name of album 8? Check.svg Done Eugene Cunning Capers, Exciting Escapades
$2 39. In the original version of what album, did the tapes have a picture of Whit, Connie, and Eugene? Unanswered Album 10
$1 40. How many episodes are in the Lost Episodes? Check.svg Done Eugene 17
$5 41. How many split episodes have aired on the radio, but have not been put in a collection? Check.svg Done Chandler 3
$20 42. What episodes are included in "Adventures in Odyssey: Classroom Editions"? Unanswered See Classroom Editions
$10 43. How old is Nathan Hoobler? Check.svg Done Chandler 29 as of 20:39, 4 July 2009 (UTC)
$50 44. Name Connie's, Eugene's, and Bernard's first lines and what episodes they're found in. Check.svg Done JesusFreak777 Connie Comes to Town - "Excuse me" - Connie

Connie Part 1 - "Good Day Gentlemen" - Eugene
By Any Other Name - " Well, job's done Whit. Windows all clean - least as clean as they'll ever be with all these kids runnin around here" Bernard

$5 45. What is AIO's first two parter? Check.svg Done Eugene Harley Takes the Case
$15 46. How many Family Portraits episodes were remade as the same title for OUSA or AIO? Check.svg Done Eugene 7