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Annie McNeal
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Annie McNeal is a young girl in Odyssey.

In the episode #6: “The Day After Christmas”, she came into Whit's End, looking for something to do, as she was getting bored with her Christmas presents. When Whit asked her if she would like to help him carry boxes of food to the car (as he was headed to Foster Creek in Connellsville), she enthusiastically agreed to do so.

On the trip, she learns how blessed she is when she talks to Mrs. Rossini, who gives her some advice about hanging on to her faith in the Lord.


Annie McNeal: I don’t like it back here. It smells bad.
Tommy: It’s an alley — it’s supposed to smell bad.

#6: “The Day After Christmas”

Mrs. Rossini: How many cats do you see here?
Annie McNeal: Um...
Mrs. Rossini: What do you need, a calculator?
Annie McNeal: Seven, okay?

#6: “The Day After Christmas”

Annie McNeal: Uh, well, can I ask you... uh... well...
Mrs. Rossini: If I had such a good family, and with all I had going for me, how come I ended up in a broken-down shack in Forest Creek? Isn’t that the gist of it?
Annie McNeal: I didn’t mean to be rude. I'm sorry.
Mrs. Rossini: Oh, no, no. You weren’t rude, child. I was rude. You were just naturally curious, that’s all.

#6: “The Day After Christmas”


Annie McNeal is voiced by Tiffany Song, has appeared in 2 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 86.5%.