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#107: “Bad Luck”
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Exodus 20:3

3"You shall have no other gods before me.

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“Bad Luck” is episode #107 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on March 10, 1990.


Robyn is intent on proving that a chain letter won't cause her bad luck, but it would seem that there is some magical force working against her.



Robyn Jacobs is worried. She's received a chain letter telling her that if she breaks the chain, she'll have all sorts of bad luck. Her friend Jessie Morales strongly advises Robyn to do what the letter says, but Robyn isn't convinced it has any magical power. She tears up the letter. Jessie is horrified, completely convinced that Robyn will be plagued with bad luck. Robyn scoffs - until she starts experiencing several small disasters.

First, she walks under Bernard Walton's ladder, and his bucket falls on her, soaking her to the skin. Then, while searching the medicine cabinet for an aspirin, Robyn slams the cabinet door, breaking the mirror. At lunch the next day, she knocks over a salt shaker, spilling its contents. Quadruple bad luck! Jessie is so concerned for her friend, she gives her own good luck charm to Robyn - a rabbit's foot. But it doesn't work, because Robyn ends up being late for an important meeting at the library. On the way, she tries rubbing the rabbit's foot, and she nearly hits a car with her bike and plows into a tree.

Jessie tells Robyn she has to get that letter back. Robyn is finally convinced. She races back to Whit's End, where she threw away the letter, and searches through the trash dump for it. Bernard Walton finds her there, and he and Officer Winger take her home. When Robyn's feeling better, her dad has a serious talk with her about the folly of believing in silly superstitions. In the end, Robyn learns why it's always better to trust in the Lord. Later Jessie comes in and says she receives a chain letter too. To avoid bad luck she mails the letter to Mr. Walton.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Did Robyn do the right thing when she tore up the letter?
    • Why do you think she had such a bad day after she got rid of the chain letter?
  2. Is it wrong to believe in luck?
    • Explain your answer.
  3. What does the Bible say about luck?


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John Whittaker Robyn Jacobs
Connie Kendall Jessie Morales
Ann Jacobs Robyn Jacobs





Bernard Walton: Just cleanin' a few of these second story windows. What does she think I'm doin' up here on a ladder? Knitten' a sweater?

Jessie Morales: But you'll get bad luck if you don't, Robyn. I had a great Aunt once who had nothing but bad luck.
Robyn Jacobs: What happened to her?
Jessie Morales: Once she got her purse stolen after a hurricane went through her neighborhood, and her house caught fire from a short circuit in a gift electric blanket for her water bed.
Robyn Jacobs: Really? All that happened to her at the same time?
Jessie Morales: Yeah. Well, over six years.

Bernard Walton: Look: it's called a chain letter. I think we won some sort of contest!

Bernard Walton: Whew! Nice to know Whit's trash smells as bad as everyone else's.

Jessie Morales: If you rub a rabbit's foot, it'll bring you good luck.
Robyn Jacobs: Good luck for who? Not the rabbit, that's for sure.

Dale Jacobs: Take the pill, Robyn. And keep your fingers crossed.
Robyn Jacobs: DAD! Why are you saying that?
Dale Jacobs: Saying what? I just don't want anything else to happen to you. You escaped the bike crash - knock on wood - and now we're going to get you all better. Cross my heart.
Robyn Jacobs: DAD!!!
Dale Jacobs: We even hung a horseshoe over your door.
Robyn Jacobs: A horseshoe?!
Dale Jacobs: We probably should have taken it off the horse first.

Robyn Jacobs: I don't believe it! Leave me alone! I'm not superstitious!
Jessie Morales: "Superstitious"? That word has thirteen letters in it! Thirteen is bad luck!

Jessie Morales: You're late for your meeting, Robyn! You'll have to run!
Dale Jacobs: But be careful of the sidewalk!
Robyn Jacobs: Why?
Jessie Morales: Step on a crack...
Dale Jacobs and Jessie Morales: And break your mother's back!