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Rachael Woodworth
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Rachael Woodworth was a friend of Donna Barclay's, who appears in episode #65: “Bad Company”.


According to Mary, Rachael is not a good influence for Donna. She has also heard that Rachael “spends more time in the principal's office instead of her classes.”

While at the mall, Rachael and Donna talk about various things, including Donna's beliefs. Rachael cuts the conversation short when she sees some earrings. Donna goes to look at some of the new blouses. Later, the mall security guard confronts the girls and demands to see the contents of their purses. Donna immediately hands hers over, but Rachael spitefully turns her purse upside down and spills the earrings. Rachael runs, but Donna is too shocked to move and gets caught.

Later, Donna catches up with Rachael, and scolds her for stealing the earrings and running away. She then asks Rachael why she stole the earrings, and Rachael replies that it was "for kicks" before brushing off the lecture. When Donna tells her to take back the earrings, Rachael brushes Donna off as well.


Richard Maxwell is her half-brother.


Carter Braxton: Thank you. What's your name?
Donna Barclay: I'm Donna, Donna Barclay.
Rachael Woodworth: Don't tell him your name!
Donna Barclay: Come on, Rachael. You should do what he says.

#65: “Bad Company”

Rachael Woodworth: What happened to you? I told you to run.
Donna Barclay: Why? I didn't do anything wrong.
Rachael Woodworth: Uh-oh! You got that sound in your voice like my mom when she's about to lecture me.

#65: “Bad Company”


Rachael Woodworth is voiced by Stacy Alcorn, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 92%.

Rachael Woodworth has been mentioned in 1 episode.