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Below is a compilation of possible references that have been made to the Indiana Jones film series.

Episode references

Episode Reference
#171: “The Cross of Cortes, Part 1”

#172: “The Cross of Cortes, Part 2”

Whit and Eugene head to Mexico in search of the Cross of Cortez. The cross is obviously inspired by or a spoof of the Cross of Coronado in the gambit scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Also, these episodes contain Indy elements such as looking for a lost artifact that is said to have supernatural powers and racing to get to it before the bad guys do.

#222: “The Jesus Cloth” Connie, referring to Whit’s friend Alfred, says "A real-life Indiana Jones, huh?".
#321: “Hidden In My Heart” The fake Scripture Phaser gives the false scripture reference: "Jedidiah Jones 4:6; Those who grab jackets must surely die." The name Jedidiah Jones seems to be a spoof of Indiana Jones.
#355: “The Search for Whit, Part 1”

#356: “The Search for Whit, Part 2”
#357: “The Search for Whit, Part 3”

Jason dressed as Indiana Jones.

The Search for Whit is almost Odyssey's version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. At the beginning of the story, Jason receives a package in the mail which contains his father's tape diary/journal. In the Last Crusade, near the beginning of the story, Indy receives a package in the mail which contains his father's grail diary. Both have the main characters looking for their fathers who disappear while on the trial of an important archeological find - Jason's father disappears while looking for the Q document, Indy's father disappears while looking for the Holy Grail. In both, the main characters are at first not concerned with finding the artifact but instead are merely concerned with finding their fathers. In both, the main characters are not really what they seem at first and there is a lot of deception - In the Search for Whit - Professor Charles and Whit's friend Alfred turn out to really be bad guys, in the Last Crusade, Donovan and Elsa turn out to be bad guys. The race to get to the artifact first before the bad guys do, and bad guys who want to use the artifact for the wrong purposes are a common element in Indy adventures and are in the Search for Whit. In the Last Crusade, Indy goes through Catacombs in Italy, in Search for Whit, Jason and the rest go through Catacombs in Israel. Also, Jason is wearing an Indiana Jones-inspired outfit on the album art.

#535: “Living in the Gray, Part 1” When Jimmy is trying to sneak into the senator's home, Connie arrives and interrupts. The senator's guard dogs wake up, and Jimmy runs to Connie's car. Jimmy shouts "Start your car, please! Start the car!" This may be a parody of when Indy runs to the plane while being chased by natives in the gambit of Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indy shouts "Start the plane, Jock! Start the plane!"
#561: “Lost by a Nose” Liz refers to the zit on her nose as the "Temple of Doom", a reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Other References

Whit as Indiana Jones