Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C.
Real Territory in United States
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Cities in Washington, D.C.
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Washington, D.C. is a territory and is also the capital of the United States.

Episode references


  • Jimmy travels to Washington D.C. in the Imagination Station to witness the story of Abraham Lincoln (#104: “"Lincoln"”). A soldier asks Jimmy if he is a Yankee or a Confederate, and he replies that he's neither; he's from "out West."
  • George and Donna Barclay flew from Odyssey to Washington D.C. in #140: “The Vow”, with layovers in Chicago and Pittsburgh. Odyssey is far enough from Chicago to be able to fly there...but how long is the flight and how many miles?
  • In #147: “Where There's a Will...” the Barclays all indicate that a commute between Washington and Odyssey would be unreasonable.
  • Lucy Cunningham-Schultz travels to Washington, D.C. in #149: “By Dawn's Early Light”.
  • Upon arriving home from her road trip with Joanne Allen, Connie is greeted by a warm embrace from her mother and a brief reminder that she traveled 1,000 miles to Washington D.C. In other words, Odyssey is located at least 1,000 miles away from D.C. Either that, or June Kendall threw a number out there. Assuming Washington D.C. is 1,000 miles away, then where is it? (#542: “Eggshells”)


Up at camp, Jack told me that his family's taking a trip to Washington D.C. this summer... (talking about friends' vacation plans)

Jimmy Barclay, Our Best Vacation Ever

Right now, from Washington D.C., I've got Jared DeWhite on the line. (introducing a guest interviewee for Candid Conversations with Connie)

Connie, The Triangled Web, Part 1

The mayor has given us full approval of Kid's Radio and pulled some strings in Washington to get you a temporary license to broadcast. (explaining vital details about the beginning of Kid's Radio)

John Avery Whittaker, Kids' Radio

The pilot said the plane stops at Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. Which one are we going to, Dad? (asking about the plane's ultimate destination, to which George Barclay responds, "Washington.")

Donna Barclay, The Vow

Well our head office in Washington wants me to work for them... and that's why we might have to move. (explaining his business trip to Washington D.C.)

George Barclay, Where There's a Will...

Wait a minute. If President Madison left a feast, then that means we're in Washington... and this is the White House! (attempting to figure out where the Imagination Station has dropped her off for an adventure)

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, By Dawn's Early Light

I called the Smithsonian in Washington about the compass, and they want to see it. (describing an important phone call she made)

Joanne Allen, Seeing Red

How do you like living in Washington? (inquiring about Jimmy's life)

Connie Kendall, Living in the Gray, Part 1

Oh, it was a little bumpy coming out of Washington, but the rest of it was fine. (describing how her flight was)

Connie, Eggshells

Anyway, when Eugene figured out what was going on, he left Odyssey with the research and Katrina, and they got married and traveled around the world until they thought they were safe. And after that, they went to Wisconsin. (describing Eugene and Katrina's absence from Odyssey over the phone, though he is immediately corrected with "Washington D.C." by Tom Riley)

Bernard Walton, A Most Surprising Answer


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