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At times Adventures in Odyssey episodes make references to the Odyssey universe as if they were "looking in". This is a list of those types of references, sometimes called "fourth-wall" references.

Episode References

Episode Reference
#10: “Nothing to Fear” Danny says, "Freddy's probably playing one of those stories they play on the radio."
#12: “The Tangled Web”
  • Roger Forsythe says that he's going to be working late on a new project with Mr. Harris. This a reference to Steve Harris, former head of special projects at Focus on the Family and co-creator of Adventures in Odyssey
  • In the first broadcast, before Officer Harley exits he says, "do you know why I want you do these things?" Jeremy and his parents reply, "because ignorance of the law is no excuse," which was Harley's signature in early Odyssey episodes. Harley then says, "Hmm. You guys must have heard these shows before."
#32: “Family Vacation, Part 2” Whit's Boredom Buster plays the Odyssey theme when it's turned on.
#36: “Kid's Radio”
  • A commercial for Whit's End uses the Odyssey theme.
  • Near the end of the show, Whit alludes to starting a radio program, only what he's describing is Adventures in Odyssey! Ironically, the radio man he describes it to thinks the idea is ridiculous!
#109: “Two Sides to Every Story” Jimmy Barclay says, "I'd tell you the rest, Dad, but this is a family show."
#158: “A Day in the Life” The characters in this episode make remarks about how all of liberties that the film crew takes when they make the a movie about Odyssey. This is a tip of the hat to the video series.
#167: “Dobson Comes to Town” All of the characters repeatedly mention Dr. Dobson (who is also a character), a radio series being aired daily (obviously AIO), and the video series. A clip is played from The Knight Travellers.
#253: “A Time for Christmas” At the end of the episode, Whit speaks directly to the audience.
#274: “First-Hand Experience” Bernard's car radio starts playing the Odyssey theme and then fades out. Bernard says, "I wanted to hear the rest of that."
#330: “The Time Has Come” Eugene whistles the Odyssey theme as he comes into Whit's End at the beginning of the episode.
#440: “I Slap Floor” In Bernard's story the characters make a host of references, including the following:
#442b: “Sticks and Stones” When Bart Rathbone gets on the radio to berate Odyssey, he starts off by saying, “Hello, radio audience, there. I am John Whita– uh– Smithbone.”
#586: “A Cheater Cheated” Bart quotes Whit's opening monologue: “Oh, hi there. I am John Avery Whittaker, but most of my friends call me Whit. I was just gettin’ ready for a time of wonder and excitement....”
#613: “The Top Floor, Part 3” Whit's line, "Let's see if this thing works," is a reference to Odyssey's original episodes, where while introducing the episodes during the theme, Whit would say the same thing.
#TTC02: “The Truth Be Told” Wooton says he could explain more of his story, but decides not to because it is "a kid's program."
#660: “For the Birds” Connie starts cutting Eugene's hair, when she says "Hair today, gone tomorrow!" This is a possible reference to the “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” episodes.
#751: “The Ties that Bind, Part 1” Connie mentions that it was predictable that Buck Oliver would come to live with Eugene and Katrina. This is a possible reference to fan requests that Buck should live with the Meltsners.
#756: “The Ties That Bind, Part 6” Like in #613: “The Top Floor, Part 3”, Whit says, "Let's see if this thing works," a reference to the first Odyssey theme.
#781: “Out of the Woods” When Eugene turns on a tape player he found in Whit’s archives, it plays “Communicate!”. Detective Polehaus's reaction, “You'll wanna change that,” is similar to the writer’s embarrassment with the rap.
#785: “No Cause for Concern” Connie plays eerie organ music on her phone, and Penny asks for it to be turned down. She says, “I was playing out Wooton’s conversation with his brother in my head, and that music made it sound like they came to a very-not-good conclusion.” The music was used as an interlude from the last scene, where that exact scenario happened.
#969: “The Best Is Yet to Come, Part 4” Eugene says "This truly is The End of an Era." The End of an Era is the unfinished episode they took scenes from and used in The Best Is Yet to Come, Part 4