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Below is a compilation of possible references made to the Disney universe.

Episode References

Episode Reference
#79: “Our Best Vacation Ever”
  • Jimmy Barclay asks his dad if their family is going to Disney World.
  • In the original broadcast, Jimmy sings "It's a Small World." This scene was removed from later versions after copyright worries from Disney.
#124: “The Winning Edge” After the Coyotes win the game that sends them to the playoffs, Fred Zachary asks Robyn Jacobs what she's going to do next. She spoofs the famous Disney promotion by saying "I'm goin' to Whit's End!"
#180: “Isaac the Pure” While is Isaac Morton is organizing his things, Sam Johnson exclaims, "You're throwing away your Disney Read-A-Long records?!"
#189: “No, Honestly!” Rodney Rathbone starts the "The Send Rodney to Disney World Fund."
#777: “First Things First” Mrs. Kramer says Wooton should rebuild his house in "a vacant corner of Disneyland... or New Zealand."