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This page lists possible references that have been made to the television series The Andy Griffith Show.

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List of Episodes

Episode Reference
#12: “The Tangled Web” Harry Snoopnagle's habit of saying "Huh? Huh? Huh?" is a nod to Deputy Warren Ferguson from The Andy Griffith Show.
#112: “Curious, Isn't It?” This episode is based on The Andy Griffith Show episode The Rumor in which Barney sees Andy in a jewelry store with his girlfriend Helen Crump and immediately thinks Andy is getting hitched.
#113: “Suspicious Minds” In the third-season episode The Great Filing Station Robbery, a device similar to the one Eugene built is used to catch a burglar.
#169: “Hold Up!” Hank Murray asks Connie about "an autographed picture of Andy Griffith." Connie says that Whit is "a big fan." This refers to Hal Smith's role as Otis Campbell on The Andy Griffith Show.
#278: “The Fifth House on the Left, Part 1” Kelsey continually refers to Eugene's hometown as Mayberry — the town in The Andy Griffith Show.
#297: “Blackbeard's Treasure” Sheriff Randy and Deputy Arnie from this episode are spoofs of the characters from The Andy Griffith Show, where the Sheriff is Andy and the Deputy is Barney.
#340: “Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., Part 1”

#341: “Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D., Part 2”

The RFD part of the title probably stands for "Rural Free Delivery"; a reference to the show "Mayberry RFD", a short lived spin-off of The Andy Griffith Show.
#367: “The Decision” This episode may be partially based on an episode of The Andy Griffith Show, Goodbye Sheriff Taylor. In Goodbye Sheriff Taylor, Andy considers taking a job in Raleigh and lets Barney be Sheriff for a day so that he can go check out the job. Barney, who feels that he utterly failed at the job for the day, is not excited about taking over the job for Andy should he actually leave, and, upon Andy's return from Raleigh, tries to make him feel that he is needed in Mayberry as sheriff.
#403: “Faster Than a Speeding Ticket”
  • Officer Cliffe sounds like the character Cliff from the TV show Cheers, though his name was originally going to be named Officer Knotts, a tribute to Don Knotts, who played the deputy Barney Fife in The Andy Griffith Show. Several times he uses Barney's signature phrase "nip it in the bud."
  • Whit purchases new tires at Nabors Auto Center, another reference to The Andy Griffith Show—Jim Nabors is the actor who played Gomer Pyle, Mayberry's primary filling station employee.

#837: “Out of the Picture”
  • The AIO theme music is whistled at the beginning, followed by a scene where Eugene and Whit are fishing, similar to the introduction to The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Wooton mentions that his barber's name is Floyd. This is likely a reference to Floyd Lawson, the barber from The Andy Griffith Show.