List of I Love Lucy references

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Below is a compilation of possible references made to the sit-com "I Love Lucy".


Episode Reference
#5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy” Ethel is believed to be a spoof of Ethel Merts, who is the friend of Lucy in the sit-com.
#264: “Making the Grade” Mr. Barclay mentions that Mary might get strange cravings like anchovies and ice cream, which is exactly what Lucy Ricardo did in the sit-com.
#304: “St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus” Rodney mentions Ricky Ricardo, a character from the sit-com.
#440: “I Slap Floor” Edwin Blackgaard tells about a sit-com he had seen where two ladies were working in a chocolate factory and they kept shoving chocolates in their mouths and hats because the conveyor belt was going too fast.
#443: “Changing Rodney” Mandy mentions an episode of the sit-com with a giant loaf of bread in it.