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This is a list of inventions that have been created at Whit's End. This list doesn't include any inventions that Eugene has created at Campbell County Community College.

List of inventions

Invention Invention Description Inventor(s) Date Introduced First Episode
Davey's Pizza Oven A pizza oven made from an old copy machine... Davey helps Whit with this invention that makes very good pizza. Due to the fact that this was an invention invented in the very first episode of Odyssey, this sets great expectations of inventions in in future years. (more) Davey Holcomb & Mr. Whittaker November 21, 1987 #1: “Whit's Flop”
Carnival Clown A clown that laughs whenever you walk by it. Whit most likely invented this for a carnival. It only appears in episode #10: “Nothing to Fear” in Album 1. John Whittaker January 23, 1988 #10: “Nothing to Fear”
The Super Scooper The Super Scooper is basically an automatic Ice Cream Sundae maker (more) John Whittaker, Jeff & Bobby Novak / Curt Stevens & Jimmy Barclay February 13, 1988 #13: “Bobby's Valentine” / #117: “The Trouble with Girls”
Bible Verse Mirror The Bible Verse Mirror is an invention by Whit used to teach kids about memorizing the Bible in the Bible Room. The mirror uses voice recognition to interact with the kids. (more) John Whittaker April 30, 1988 #24: “Gotcha!”
Whit's Boredom Buster Jimmy Barclay is going on a family vacation. "Whit's Boredom Buster" is only to be used when Jimmy is "absolutely, without question, no doubt about it, as bored as you've ever been in your life". The "Boredom Buster" is, according to Jimmy, very difficult to open. As Jimmy described it, it's "kind of like a puzzle, but kind of like a box too. Part of it opened up and turned and another part of it pushed in." (more) John Whittaker June 18, 1988 #31: “Family Vacation, Part 1”
Instant Freezer The Instant Freezer is an invention that Whit had been working on for a long time. (as of the episode mentioned to the right) "Basically it's the opposite of a microwave oven." as Whit put it. (more) John Whittaker August 13, 1988 #39: “The Case of the Secret Room, Part 1”

Environment Enhancer It adds effects and music while you're listening to a story, to make it seem like you're there. This was the first development of the Imagination Station. (more) John Whittaker October 29, 1988 #46: “The Shepherd and the Giant”

Prayer Vending Machine It's a vending machine for prayers. You decide on a prayer, push a button, and out comes the answer. (more) John Whittaker February 4, 1989 #60: “And When You Pray...”
Imagination Station Generally, the Imagination Station is used to better understand the Bible or history by assisting their imaginations. It is focused on historical adventures.(more) John Whittaker March 18, 1989 #66: “The Imagination Station, Part 1”

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BEAVRS Also known as Bible Education Audio/Video Research System, BEAVRS is an invention made by Whit. Connie descibes it as a "souped up computer". It is another invention that Whit created to help kids understand the Bible better. (more) John Whittaker May 22, 1993 #231: “Hallowed Be Thy Name”
Room of Consequence The Room of Consequence is similar to The Imagination Station, but is used mainly for alternate realities, or "future" adventures. It first appeared in the audio series #236: “Into Temptation”, and then in the video series in volume 11 A Twist in Time (pictured), by Dylan and Sal, to see what life might be like in the future. (more) John Whittaker June 26, 1993 #236: “Into Temptation”

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Transmuter The Transmuter is another one of John Whittaker's inventions. Just as The Imagination Station allows a person to experience the past, and The Room of Consequence allows a person to see a possible future, the Transmuter allows a person to experience the present from another person's point of view. (more) John Whittaker March 27, 1999 #419: “Another Man's Shoes”
Strata-Flyer "A flying machine made out of a boat with oars and big helium balloons," as Mr. Whittaker described it in the episode I Slap Floor, which is questionable, because, as the episode points out, Bernard Walton made up the whole storyline for April Fools Day. So in a way, one could say that the inventor was actually Bernard Walton. This invention is never mentioned in another episode, but is a regular in the video series. (more) John Whittaker & Bernard Walton April 1, 2000 #440: “I Slap Floor”
The MicroSimulator The Micro Simulator is an invention by John Avery Whittaker designed at Whit's End. It was originally designed for a group of doctors visiting Whit's End. (more) John Whittaker September 2000 Video 14: "The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner"
Motion Sensing Microphone A system that can turn any telephone into a motion-sensor microphone. This is obviously an addition to all of the security renovations that were added during the time period of the Novacom Saga. (more) John Whittaker October 2, 2004 #548: “Sounds Like a Mystery”
Mega Mix-O-Matic The Mix-O-Matic is a blender that Whit invented. It has 22 different levels of power, and it "automatically changes blade shape and movement, to accommodate different mixtures" (as whit put it). The Mix-O-Matic also is voice activated, so when you hold down a certain button, and speak into it whatever you want to blend, then it will automatically blend it the way that Whit programmed it to. (more) John Whittaker March 4, 2006 #588: “Broken-Armed and Dangerous”
Edu-Link The basic idea of the Edu-Link, is to make teaching kids from foreign countries much easier. In the episode in which it is described, they are talking about letting kids in India try it first. As Marvin described it, it looks like a laptop "with stuff sticking out of it". The Edu-Link produces a holographic image of whomever it needs to have. In this case, a teacher. (more) John Whittaker, Jason Whittaker, Marvin Washington, & Eugene Meltsner March 11, 2006 #589: “The Impossible”
The Gallery This is a system that lets kids interact with portraits of famous people, so kids can do research. (more) John Whittaker March 1, 2008 #631: “A Capsule Comes to Town”
The Inspiration Station At the end of 642: The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 2, Connie pushes a red button, triggering this invention. (more) John Whittaker May 17, 2008 #642: “The Imagination Station, Revisited, Part 2”
Interactive Kids' Radio (more) John Whittaker August 2008 #TTC01: “Here Am I”

Egghead is a device created by Eugene Meltsner. It is very useful, as a dictionary, translater, and other things. According to Eugene, it has artificial intelligence, and it replaces the "now outdated" Edu-Link. (more)

Eugene Meltsner January 2014 #739: “The Launch, Part 1”