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Bobby Novak
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Bobby Novak was one of the first reoccurring kids on Adventures in Odyssey. Bobby was voiced by David Griffin, who would go on to play Jimmy Barclay, one of the series's major characters.


Bobby makes his first appearance in the episode “Lights Out at Whit's End”. In “Connie Comes to Town”, Bobby develops a crush on Connie Kendall, who makes her first appearance in the same episode. The same episode reveals that Bobby is very knowledgeable about the Bible; Whit puts him in charge of the Bible Bowl. In his final episode, “Bobby's Valentine”, he is embarrassed when Amy Duran develops a crush on him and sends him a Valentine. Bobby then asks for advice from Officer David Harley to remedy the situation.


Bobby appears in three early Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Two of these episodes (#3: “Lights Out at Whit's End” and #13: “Bobby's Valentine”) never found their way into mainstream albums, leaving Bobby as a little-known character, perhaps best known for being the first character to have a crush on Connie in #4: “Connie Comes to Town”.

When #13: “Bobby's Valentine” was rewritten into #117: “The Trouble with Girls”, Bobby was replaced with Jimmy Barclay, who was also voiced by David Griffin.


Bobby Novak: You're worried cause she's going to California and she won't have anyone to take care of her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble.
John Whittaker: Well, as a matter of fact, yes! That's a big part of it!
Bobby Novak: Then you can relax.
John Whittaker: Why?
Bobby Novak: Cause I talked it over with Connie and she's not going off by herself to California after all.
John Whittaker: Oh, she's not?
Bobby Novak: No way. I'm going with her!
John Whittaker: What?!

#4: “Connie Comes to Town”

Jeff (a): So, what kind of poison is the cafeteria serving today?
Bobby Novak: I can't tell. It smells like my dad's sneakers.
Jeff (a): Let me see. Is meat supposed to be green? And what are those little round purple things supposed to be?
Bobby Novak: Look, Jeff. I have to eat this stuff! I don't want to think about it.

#13: “Bobby's Valentine”

Bobby Novak: Officer Harley! She likes Officer Harley! Boy, it's a good thing she doesn't have pigtails...

#13: “Bobby's Valentine”

David Harley: You're not making a movie without a permit, are you?
Bobby Novak: Permit? I didn't know you needed a permit to make a movie!
John Whittaker: You don't, Bobby. Not as long as you own private property or you're not obstructing traffic or something like that. Isn't that right, Officer Harley?
David Harley: Well, it isn't exactly wrong. Not that it couldn't be, mind you 'cause ignorance of the law is no excuse! But as far as wrong goes, yes, you're right!

#3: “Lights Out at Whit's End”

Connie Kendall: Who were Shadrach, Meesh... a-lack...
Bobby Novak: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
Connie Kendall: <buzzer sounds> Yeah, yeah! What he said!

#4: “Connie Comes to Town”


Bobby Novak is voiced by David Griffin, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 85.3%.