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Shadowpaw's Involvement

I'm more than willing to lend a helping hand in anyway I can. However, I must admit that I am not wiki-savy and have never actually worked on one before so I'm more than willing to step aside and let those with experience take charge in formulating design decisions, solving navigational issues and spearheading appropriate action. I will continue to operate The Soda Fountain as a separate entity, but is a community driven site and I'm handing over all aspects of the site to you, as contributors. Everyone has a different level of expertise, but I encourage those who are comfortable and experienced enough that want to help to structure pages and content in appropriate ways. The only thing I ask is that we try to keep things consistent... though with over 615 episodes, thousands of characters, and hundreds of staff members to keep track of I understand this will be challenging at times.

Shadowpaw is an administrator and a bureaucrat on AIOWiki. (verify)