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Vote below in our poll! For a list of previous polls, click here.

Current poll

Are you planning on boarding the Focus on the Family Cruise from November 13–17?
Pick one
Olivia: Of course! I’m already booked!
Grady: I really wanna go, but I don’t have enough money.
Eugene: I am undecided at this juncture, but my inclinations are affirmative.
Ms. Drummond: I have no idea.
Edwin Blackgaard: You’re joking! How could anyone be interested in watching actors other than myself?
Connie: Why didn’t I hear about this?

Previous Poll

In March, we asked the following question:

Of the past couple “half-albums,” which have you enjoyed the most?
Album #59: Taking the Plunge
Album #60: Head Over Heels
Album #61: Without a Hitch
Album #62: Let’s Put on a Show!

Total votes: Unknown.