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Trent DeWhite
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Trent DeWhite was first mentioned as Jared DeWhite's two year-old brother in #375: “The Pushover”, and first appeared in #517: “It's All About Me”, and was a fairly frequently recurring character.


Trent was president of the science club at school, was a member of the school debate team, is interested in space science, and is a skilled cello player. He has recently been showing an interest in broadcasting and acting, despite once possessing a morbid fear of the microphone. Marvin Washington is his best friend, and he is close friends with Mandy Straussberg (on whom he also has a crush). He is also friends with Max Hampton and Liz Horton.


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Trent is Jared DeWhite's younger brother; both Jared and his father Stephen played fairly large roles in the Novacom saga.

It was revealed in #560: “The Present Long Ago” that Trent will marry Mandy Straussberg in the distant future. This is fitting, because Mandy is Odyssey Middle School's other top student. They are currently close friends, but not dating, although, as revealed in #602: “Mum’s the Word”, he has developed a crush on her. Through this marriage, his mother-in-law will be Rachel Straussberg, his father-in-law will be Stephen Straussberg, and his brother-in-law will be David Straussberg. Additionally, as revealed in "The Present Long Ago", he has a grandson, whose name is not given in the episode (though is mentioned on the official website as Brandon). He also has an unnamed granddaughter.

His maternal ancestors are the McAlister family, one of the core founding families of Odyssey, as noted in #539: “Called On in Class”. Abel McAlister is one of his known ancestors.


Trent is a straight-A, determined student possessing quite an overactive imagination (a trait reminiscent of Lawrence Hodges). Much like his brother Jared, he has a tendency to overreact, and his mind tends to stray from reality, though not to the extent of making up conspiracy theories. Ultimately kind-hearted, Trent isn't afraid to tell his friends his honest viewpoint—with a bit of a snarky streak every now and then—and finds expressing his intelligence to be natural (to the point of being completely unable to pretend otherwise).



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Trent DeWhite is voiced by Corey Padnos, has appeared in 18 episodes, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Trent DeWhite}}%.

Trent DeWhite has been mentioned in 7 episodes.