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Max Hampton
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Max is a young boy who is a little rough around the edges. His full first name is Maxwell.



In #563: “Tuesdays with Wooton” we find out that Max does have a mother and grandma. Though his parents are apparently still married, his father is often traveling for work; his father's repeated absences are discussed in #531: “Teacher's Pest” and again in #604: “Like Father, Like Wooton”. Also in this episode Max mentions that he has an uncle who is a therapist.

In #531: “Teacher's Pest”, it is revealed that his parents work long hours and are not deeply involved in his life - for example, his father wishes him happy birthday by way of a sticky note.



Max Hampton: Grady told me lots of stuff about you. Like that you ride in rodeos!
Wooton Bassett: Oh, yeah, that was an accident. I was looking for the men's room.
Max Hampton: Ha ha. You're pretty funny.
Wooton Bassett: Oh, well, thanks Max. But the cowboy didn't think so.

#604: “Like Father, Like Wooton”

Eugene Meltsner: Greetings, fellow scholars and intellectual adventurers!
Max Hampton: Oh, no.
Eugene Meltsner: Due to Ms. Grapple's unfortunate bout with influenza, I, Eugene Meltsner, am offering my services as your very own...substitute teacher!

#569: “The Invisible Dog”

Max Hampton: You got the key?
Trent DeWhite: Uh, no. Hey, what did the chewing gum say to the shoe?
Max Hampton: I'm stuck on you. You've only got till tomorrow, you remember that, right?
Trent DeWhite: Uh, I remember. Uh, what bird steals from the rich and...
Max Hampton: Robin Hood.
Trent DeWhite: You know that one too, huh?

#560: “The Present Long Ago”

Ed Washington: Do you know where you are, Max?
Max Hampton: On the ground?
Ed Washington: I mean what park.
Max Hampton: Yellowstone?

#519: “The Defining Moment”

Max Hampton: I'm not working with her!
Mandy Straussberg: And I'm not working with him!

#531: “Teacher's Pest”


Max Hampton has appeared in 7 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 91%.

All (7)  · Gregg Restivo (2005)  · Axel Alba (2006)  · Jeffrey Noah (2003)

Max Hampton has been mentioned in 3 episodes.