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Information.png Dr. Hawthorne is one of 799 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Dr. Hawthorne was a history and math teacher at Odyssey Middle School. He was widely reputed for his stern nature; Jared DeWhite and Cody Carper, two of his students, believed him to be "the meanest teacher in history", and Trent DeWhite was often very intimidated by him. He also has a severe bee allergy, to the point of being terrified of a single bee; when Rodney Rathbone, ignorant of the allergy, exploited his fear by planting a jar of bees in Dr. Hawthorne's car, Trent DeWhite, though unintentionally, saved his life by removing the bees—though not without consequence, as Dr. Hawthorne, believing Trent to have been tampering with his car, gave him detention.



Dr. Hawthorne: I will now pass out your tests. No doubt many of you will pass out as a result.

#403: “Faster Than a Speeding Ticket”

Dwayne Oswald: I think there's a mistake on this test.
Dr. Hawthorne: There certainly is—the fact that you got so few of the answers right.

#403: “Faster Than a Speeding Ticket”


Dr. Hawthorne is voiced by Ian Whitcomb, has appeared in 4 episodes.

Dr. Hawthorne has been mentioned in 1 episode.