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More New Art
November 10, 2010
Today we have the the new cover for Album 01 to add to the two covers released yesterday. The updated album should be available in stores sometime next year.

blog comments powered by DisqusNew Logo 2010!

November 01, 2010
Today marks the start of our third annual logo contest! During the month of November, you can design and upload your design for a new AIOWiki logo. Voting will take place next month to determine a winner, who will be announced just in time for the new year. Click here for more info.

Good luck to all participants!

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Official Podcast 107
November 03, 2010
Bob and Jesse celebrate Opposite Day, by doing the opposite of what they would normally do. They don’t preview #672: “Opposite Day” and they can’t chat with writer Kathy Buchanan... or can they?

blog comments powered by DisqusIt's a Pokenberry Christmas

November 04, 2010
Just in time for the holidays Focus has released #385: “It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 1” and #386: “It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2” for a free download. As always check out Available Episodes for a complete list of episodes available for free download and ones that are available for streaming on the Focus player.

blog comments powered by Disqus Brock Eastman Interview

November 06, 2010
On the 30th last month we posted a large collection of interviews from the past from other sites. Today we're pleased to post an interview of our own, this one is the Brock Eastman from product marketing at Focus on the Family, you can read his interview here along with a preview of his upcoming book.
Also today is the premiere of episode Opposite Day be sure to listen and then rate it.

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New Art
November 09, 2010
The covers for the re-release of Album 5 and Passages: Darien's Rise have been released, you can see them both to the right. The new Passages cover brings it in line to look more like the current Album 51 and 52 covers. The new cover for 5 drops the gold foil and replaces it with a red splash to bring it inline with the current design of 1-50, it's only a small preview right now but we'll update you once the full version become available.
Also, the new copies of Passages 3 and 4 have arrived at FOTF so you should start seeing them in stores near you soon.

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Album 5 Art
November 15, 2010
We said last week that we'd let you know when the full sized art for the Album 5 repack was released and today it was. You can check it out here.

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Imagination Station books and Airing Schedule
November 16, 2010
A couple of updates on the Imagination Station books today, the covers for both book 3 and 4 have been released, you can see them to the right. It seems that book 3 has been renamed from The Kahn's Golden Tablet to Peril in the Palace. The summary for book 4 isn't available yet but we'll let you know when it is. Both books will be released in May of 2011. We've also added a link in our sidebar for quick access to this series.
In other news the airing schedule for January has been released, it seems that on the weekends we'll be having an recap of Album 51 and 52 in the lead up to the exciting 12 part saga in Album 53.

blog comments powered by DisqusTime is Running Out

November 22, 2010
Time is running out to enter our logo contest there's only 8 days remaining, to enter go here and follow the directions.
Also be sure to be watching our news feed as later this week we'll be having a new contest.

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Revenge of the Red Knight
November 25, 2010
The summary for the upcoming book in the Imagination Station series has been released:

In this Imagination Station adventure Patrick and Beth find themselves as guests in a beautiful castle in 15th century England. Through a series of events, the steward of Lord Darkthorn's castle finds the cousins with three artifacts collected in their previous adventures: the stone, the cup, and the golden tablet. They are accused of being thieves and locked in jail. Beth escapes and discovers the identity of the real thief, leading to a jousting contest with a surprising outcome.

Set during the War of the Roses in England, Revenge of the Red Knight will teach readers about the Crusades, the integrity of knights and the vows they took, and why men would choose to risk their lives to fight for Christianity.

The book is scheduled to be released in May next year.

blog comments powered by DisqusHow well do you know Album 51?

November 27, 2010
It's time for our next contest, this one is all about Album 51. We're trying a different style of contest this time, you start out with a list of all the episodes from 51 and then through a series of 11 hint questions you eliminate them one by one till you have one left. Submit that one to us and you could win! See contest page for full details.
Also airing today is A Thankstaking Story be sure to tune in and then go to our episode page and rate it. Good luck.

blog comments powered by DisqusHow well do you know Album 51 Winners

November 30, 2010
We now have the winners from the contest we held on the weekend, they are:

  • Ethan
  • Madison
  • Ricky
  • Nate Smith

So what do these winners receive? Each winner gets their choice of a brand new copy of Album 52 or the Novacom Saga. You can check out the answers to the questions on the contest page. If you got some of them wrong and haven't bought Album 51 yet, you can do so here.
If you didn't win this time, keep checking back, there's more contests to come. Once again a huge thanks goes to Tyndale for providing the prizes.

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Official Podcast 108
November 17, 2010
Adam Wylie tells about performing in Adventures in Odyssey and Last Chance Detectives. He also answers what it's like working in Kidsboro, basketball, and the challenges of voice acting.

blog comments powered by DisqusMonthly Poll

November 03, 2010
It's a new month so we have a new poll! Last time, of the 48 people who voted in our last poll, 58% of you said that they were planning on buying album 52. This time we're wondering which is your favorite family: The Jones or the Parkers?

In other news, all of our episode pages for Album 52 have been updated with the appropriate Cast and Crew information.

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