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In November 2010 we held the "How well do you know Album 51?" contest. For this contest there was a list of 11 questions each one with the answer being an episode in 51, then you were asked to submit the episode that was NOT an answer to the questions given. The winners received their choice of Album 52 or the Novacom Saga.


The winners were:

  • Ethan
  • Madison
  • Ricky
  • Nate Smith

Each winner received their choice of a brand new copy of Album 52 or the Novacom Saga. Once again a huge thanks goes to Tyndale for providing the prizes.



You only need to correctly answer this question. The other questions are merely there to tell you what episode is NOT the answer.

What episode is NOT the answer to any of the questions in the Hint Questions section? *

The Inspiration Station, Part 2

Hint Questions

Features an invention that was mentioned 34 episodes prior.

The Jubilee Singers, Part 2

In this episode Matthew has plans to make a bagel slicer.


In this episode we learn that a long time character can play a second stringed instrument.

Finish What You...

Klassen's field is mentioned in this episode.

Target of the Week

Mentions a university founded in 1866 and currently has 800 students.

The Jubilee Singers, Part 1

Mr. Jones attempts to make chili in this episode.

When You’re Right, You’re Right

There's a family meeting in the bathroom in this episode.

Grandma’s Visit

This episode is also the name of a short film by Pixar.

For the Birds

This episode was re-aired as a weekday episode 69 days after first airing.

The Jubilee Singers, Part 3

What episode do we first hear of the replacement of Zapazoids?

Game for a Mystery

What episode mentions a place in Canada?

The Inspiration Station, Part 1