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#180: “Isaac the Pure”
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Matthew 5:8

8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

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Isaac the Pure

“Isaac the Pure” is episode #180 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on January 11, 1992.


Isaac Morton sets out on a quest to keep himself pure from all worldly things.



It all started one afternoon on the way to Whit's End. Sam Johnson notices that his good friend Isaac Morton is unusually quiet. After a lot of coaxing from Sam, Isaac finally reveals that he feels bad about laughing when the gang starts telling dirty jokes after school. Isaac says the jokes make him feel dirty, and he wants to be pure.

Isaac first starts his purity campaign by ridding his house of all the things that make him feel impure, including his father’s Reader’s Digest and National Geographic magazines . Mr. Morton isn’t pleased by this, though he does admire Isaac’s desire to be pure. Then, Isaac gathers all of his possessions and takes them to Hamstrung’s Junk Shop. He trades them for an old clock. Isaac’s plan is to keep himself so busy cleaning and repairing the clock, he’ll have no time to think impure thoughts.

Unfortunately, later that week, Isaac runs across Sam. Sam tells him some of the gang’s new jokes, the last of which turns out to be a little crude. Isaac laughs in spite of himself, then suddenly realizes that he’s acted impurely again! As a result, Isaac concludes that he must seclude himself so he can remain untouched by the impurities of the world. Sam thinks he’s gone a little crazy, until Whit comes over, and takes him to Whit's End. While fixing the clock Whit talks to Isaac about purity. Isaac walks home with a beautiful clock that works. meets Sam while going home, and the two of them become best friends again.

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Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to be pure?
  2. Why is purity important?
  3. Why did Isaac think that secluding himself from everyone would keep him pure?
  4. What’s the best way to stay pure?


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Nancy Johnson Sam Johnson
Doc Morton Jerry Morton


  • Actor Jerry Houser makes his first appearance in this episode, playing Jerry Morton. He would later return as the voice of Jellyfish, the villain in the Darkness Before Dawn saga (and, later still, as the voice of Ben Shepard).
  • This episode is one of very few not to feature Chris in the intro. Whit performs Chris's announcement here instead.
  • Mr. Hamstrung's call to an off-mic "Gertrude" to brag about his sale of the clock at the end of the junk shop scene in this episode is similar to Jeb Eckhart's brag to his family about the sale of his land at the end of a similar "haggling" scene in #390: “No Bones About It”.
  • Rare references are made in this episode to real-world publications: specifically here, Life, National Geographic, and Reader's Digest.
  • Executive producer Chuck Bolte takes a rare turn in the director's chair for this episode.
  • This episode mentions the real-world book series 'The Hardy Boys' as being something Isaac sells in his quest for purity along with his Disney Read-along records (including Bambi).
  • The character of Sam Johnson acts rather out of character in this episode, acting as a poor influence on Isaac rather than being the "good kid" as usual. In fact, although in this episode Sam tells Isaac a dirty joke, in the later episode #301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch” Sam says that he doesn't know any dirty jokes at all. Maybe he forgot? --- It is also possible that since #301: “The Good, the Bad and Butch” is 121 episodes later and probably a few years down the road, that Sam changed a lot in that time. After all, at the end of the episode, Isaac says "No more dirty jokes. You get after me and I'll get after you." They were going to begin keeping each other accountable.


Sam Johnson: You're throwing away your Disney Read-A-Long records? You think they're impure?
Isaac Morton: I don't know. Better safe than sorry, I figure.
Sam Johnson: Bambi?!
Isaac Morton: Who knows how this stuff might influence me at weak moments.

Jerry Morton: Do you know what your mother would say if she saw that you threw away her Life magazines?
Isaac Morton: Thank you son?
Jerry Morton: No!

Isaac Morton: You know, dad, we live in a real den of impurity.

Indigo Methuselah Hamstrung: Strike me down with a pair of dirty trousers!

Jerry Morton: Isaac, you're throwing away my collection of National Geographics!
Isaac Morton: Yeah.
Jerry Morton: Yeah? What could possibly be impure about them?
Isaac Morton: Have you seen those pictures from Africa, dad?
Jerry Morton: Isaac!