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The Computer room is behind a bookcase in Whit's office. This room is where Mabel (Whit's computer) is.

The computer room first appeared in #73: “A Bite of Applesauce”, when Whit showed Eugene Meltsner "Mabel". Whit instructed Eugene not to tell anybody, but Connie Kendall followed Eugene into the room and Eugene showed her "Mabel". Connie accidentally loaded Applesauce and Whit's End went crazy! When Whit came back, he was hurt that Eugene and Connie disobeyed him and sadly...fired them.

"Mabel" contains programs that allow the user to control all the displays in Whit's End. One of these programs is Applesauce. Whit created Applesauce to aid in the national security and defense. Dr. Regis Blackgaard tried to take over Applesauce in #77: “The Nemesis, Part 1”, #78: “The Nemesis, Part 2”, #83: “The Battle, Part 1” and #84: “The Battle, Part 2”.