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Mike Mulligan
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Mike Mulligan's first appearance was in Just Say Yes. He went to college in Chicago, graduated cum laude, and was a fairly successful businessman. Mike has a sacrificial attitude; giving up a high-paying job to take in his New York streets nephew, Nick Mulligan. Shortly after that he agreed to take in some homeless zoo animals, then two girls whose mother was having an operation, (Janelle Mulligan and Jessica Mulligan), Colombian orphan Hector Mulligan, and finally two street kids from Oswald Heights; Tony (c) and Brianna. Mike Mulligan is at least 42 years old.


Mike is married to Dr. Traci Mulligan, a vet. His daughter, Lisa Mulligan is blind, and on his first show, the family took in Nick; his nephew. They now have six kids at their farm (Janelle, Jessica, Hector, Tony and Brianna, as well as his actual relatives Lisa and Nick), and an assortment of rather strange animals.


Mike Mulligan is voiced by Bill Myers, has appeared in 7 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.3%.

Mike Mulligan has been mentioned in 2 episodes.