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Information.png Drill Sergeant Combs is one of 2,443 characters who have only appeared in one episode. Not much information may be available about him or her.

Drill Sergeant Combs
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Mostly grumpy, loud. Somewhere deep inside, he has a soft spot. He is most likely modeled after real life Drill Sergeant Ronald Lee Ermey.


Drill instructor of Bible Boot Camp.



Drill Sergeant Combs: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!

#719: “The Bible Network”

Stanley (c): We’ve been here three weeks and there’s only nine days until the end of the contest and we haven’t done anything except read our Bibles.
Drill Sergeant Combs: You know what, Stanley?
Stanley (c): What?
Drill Sergeant Combs: You’re right.
Stanley (c): Really?!
Drill Sergeant Combs: I forgot that you have a Master’s degree in counseling and went to seminary for four years and I completely blanked that you’ve been in the ministry for twenty-two years and have trained people in discipleship for the past six…
Stanley (c): You know, I didn’t do any of that.
Drill Sergeant Combs: You didn’t?
Stanley (c): Uh, no, that’s you.
Drill Sergeant Combs: THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S ME!!! NOW DO WHAT I SAY!!
Stanley (c): Uh, Yes, Sir.

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: What’s your name?
Rick: Rick.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Rick; beautiful name.
Rick: Thanks.
Drill Sergeant Combs: And I have one too! You will address me as Sir! Or Mr. Combs! Or Sergeant Combs! Or Drill Sergeant Combs! Or Brother Combs! Or Brother Drill Sergeant Combs!
Rick: Oh, OK, sure thing, dude.
Drill Sergeant Combs: Was DUDE one of the things you could call me?
Rick: No...

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: RICK!
Rick: Hi.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much did you...hi WHAT?
Rick: Sir.
Drill Sergeant Combs: How much have you read??
Rick: Well, I have barely enough time to change my clothes...
Drill Sergeant Combs: Is the name of this camp Change My Clothes Boot Camp?
Rick: No.

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: Thirty verses! Twenty for not reading and ten for not addressing me properly! I am your drill sergeant! You are here to read, ladies! READ! Now get on it!

#719: “The Bible Network”

Rick: It's ok... I got ya...
Drill Sergeant Combs: I GOT YA WHAT??
Rick: I got ya, sir...

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: Give me a hug!
Stanley (c): Really?!
Drill Sergeant Combs: Sure!
Ron: Hey, I didn't know you gave hugs! Can I have one??

#719: “The Bible Network”

Drill Sergeant Combs: I'll see you at 1400 hours!!
Others: umm. . .
Drill Sergeant Combs: THAT'S TWO'O CLOCK NINNIES!!

#719: “The Bible Network”


Drill Sergeant Combs is voiced by Dan Hagen, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 85%.