Mr. Harding

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Mr. Harding
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Mr. Harding was a character in a Kids' Radio skit. He was the owner of an apartment building.


One day, Mr. Harding visited Roy, the manager of the apartment building. He gives Roy a great sum of money to refurbish the place. But, instead of fixing things up, Roy spends the money on himself. Then, a month later, Mr. Harding returns. He tells Roy that he’d taken a tour of the work Roy had been doing; it was a short tour, as Roy did nothing to fix up the apartment building. He noticed the hot tub and the new stereo Roy had bought, remarking that they were “very nice.” He then tells Roy that he’s fired and evicted, and that he’s taking all of Roy’s stuff back, much to Roy’s shock; when Roy protests, Mr. Harding explains that it was not Roy’s money to spend; it was Mr. Harding’s, and that he entrusted the money to Roy. He finally tells Roy that he wants him out of there by the end of the week.



Mr. Harding is voiced by Alan Young, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 87%.