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Pastor Pyle
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Pastor R.C. Pyle was the Pastor of Alvin York's church and could be considered a fire and brimstone preacher as even during Everett Delk's funeral he was blunt. After Alvin gave his life to Jesus, Pastor Pyle became Alvin's spiritual mentor and helped him file for his waivers from World War I. He was a pacifist who believed that any type of fighting was wrong, but supported Alvin's decision to go to war despite his disagreement for it. Apparently he was sophisticated enough to read complicated telegrams. He ran a general store and believed in helping those on hard times but refused to give a man named Earl Thompkins tobacco on credit.


Pastor R.C. Pyle was Alvin York's pastor, spiritual mentor, and to a degree even a father figure. Before Alvin's walk with Jesus, Pastor Pyle often invited Alvin to church. After the death of Alvin's childhood friend Everett Delk Pastor Pyle gave a fire and brimstone eulogy at his funeral. Pastor Pyle's eulogy was indirectly aimed at Alvin and when Alvin confronted Pastor Pyle in while the service was still taking place Pastor Pyle made an alter call to which Alvin answered, escorted by Gracie Williams. After Alvin gave his life to Christ, Pastor Pyle and Alvin would often talk about their faith and spirituality.

Pastor Pyle helped him file for a waiver against fighting in World War I. As a gift, Pastor Pyle gave Alvin a Bible when he left for basic training. He promised Alvin he would watch over his mother Mrs. York and his siblings, including Robert York. Despite his personal opinions on war and violence in general, Pastor Pyle supported Alvin's decision to go to war in order to fight for peace. When Alvin came home from the war, Pastor Pyle performed, Alvin and Gracie's wedding.


Any family he had is unknown.


Pastor Pyle: Then you know what you gotta do, Alvin.
Alvin York: Yes sir. I need to walk up to that alter, sir.
Pastor Pyle: It's not just walking, son. It's dying. Not like Everett inside of this box, but dying to that infernal man inside you that been fighting again God.

#708: “Sergeant York, Part 1”


Pastor Pyle is voiced by Stu Levin, has appeared in 4 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 94.8%.