Lights Out at Whit's End

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#3: “Lights Out at Whit's End”
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December 5, 1987 ↓
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CC 002
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1 John 1:7

7But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

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Lights Out at Whit's End

“Lights Out at Whit's End” is episode #3 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Steve Harris and Phil Lollar, and originally aired on December 5, 1987.


A huge power failure leaves Odyssey without any light. Several kids stranded at Whit's End find out what life without electricity is all about -- and how much fun it can be.


The kids at Whit's End are scurrying around getting ready to shoot their first video production on the subject of communication. But just as they're ready to roll, the lights flicker, and the power goes out all over town. The kids think their afternoon is ruined, but Whit, Tom, and Officer David Harley help the kids put on an impromptu stage show, lit by makeshift footlights made from candles and aluminum pie tins. The skits include a humorous visit with the 3,000-year-old man (son of the 4,000-year-old man), Gutenberg's printing of the first Bible, and a talk with a telephone.

This all leads to the grand finale, a rap song. The success of the show proves to the gang that they don't need electrical power and high-tech equipment to communicate and have fun.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is communication important?
  2. The Bible is one of the ways God communicates with us. What is the best way we can communicate with God?
  3. How well do you communicate with your friends? Your family?



  • This episode marks the first appearance of two characters: Bobby Novak and the controversial character Officer David Harley.
  • The routine about the visit with the 3000 year old man is a take-off from a routine by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner called The 2000 Year Old Man.
  • This episode has not been aired since its first broadcast, not only because Officer Harley was in it but also due to the rap at the end, which the writers now consider somewhat embarrassing, as referenced in Out of the Woods.



John Whittaker: Now, the first thing people usually do at a time like this is panic.
David Harley: Then it looks like we're doing things in the right order!

Marianne Josephs: <as Mrs. Gutenberg> Momma, don't let your housekeepers grow up to be cowboys!

David Harley: You're not making a movie without a permit, are you?
Bobby Novak: Permit? I didn't know you needed a permit to make a movie!
John Whittaker: You don't, Bobby. Not as long as you own private property or you're not obstructing traffic or something like that. Isn't that right, Officer Harley?
David Harley: Well, it isn't exactly wrong. Not that it couldn't be, mind you 'cause ignorance of the law is no excuse! But as far as wrong goes, yes, you're right!

Unknown (male): <on phone> Hi, it's me. Listen, I'm really sorry about yesterday.
Unknown (female): Well, I hope so! I'm glad you called, Jim!
Unknown (male): Jim? Who's Jim? Sandy, is that you?
Unknown (female): Sandy?!
Unknown (male): Uh... is this 555-7475?
Unknown (female): No!

David Harley: Communicate, communicate, just open up your heart and communicate. We gotta share ideas, there’s no time to wait, and the best way to do it is communicate.