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This article is about the Kidsboro chief of police. For other uses see Alice (disambiguation)

Information.png Alice Funderburk is one of 777 characters who have appeared in fewer than six episodes. Not much information may be available about him or her.

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Alice is the chief of police in Kidsboro. She is very passionate about the law, and works hard to keep it. She is also the Kidsboro court judge.


Any family she has is currently unknown.

Random Facts

  • On career day in Odyssey, Alice tried to arrest a kid for jay-walking.
  • She apparently owns a gas mask she used as the chief of police of Kidsboro.


Ryan Cummings: This was our chance to see our role models in action! Instead it was about as exciting as sharpening pencils.
Alice Funderburk: You got to sharpen pencils?

#643: “Kidsboro, Part 1”

Alice Funderburk: How fast can this squad car go? Ever gone over 200?
Captain Richard Quinn: Oh no. There's never much need to drive fast around Odyssey.
Alice Funderburk: So do I get a piece?
Captain Richard Quinn: A what?
Alice Funderburk: A fire arm, a gun. You gonna give me a gun?

#643: “Kidsboro, Part 1”

Alice Funderburk: I won't have threats in my courtroom, Miss Swanson. Unless they come from me. I do have a mallet.

#644: “Kidsboro, Part 2”

Pete: Now, what about taxes?
Alice Funderburk: Can't we just avoid taxes?

#643: “Kidsboro, Part 1”


Alice Funderburk is voiced by Ashleigh Prather, has appeared in 3 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.3%.