The Square One Club

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The Square One Club
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This secret club of tinkerers meet once a week at Haggler's Junkyard. They keep it a secret because the owner Wally Haggler gets a lot of old and sometimes sophisticated stuff. There was once even an ATM that had been there for a short time. They were temporarily displaced when Wally Haggler had to store printing equipment involved with the Green Ring Conspiracy. Member Matthew Parker was crucial in helping to solve the whole saga.

Known Projects

  • Turbo X-300 Laser Blaster pinball machine
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • A GPS system
  • Silver Appleberry smartphone (Matthew and Nelson)

Possible Old Projects

  • Genuine antique Berkenson's cash register
  • 1956 National Business Company copying machine
  • Taurus Lawnmower from 1978