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Fictional City


{{{downclassplural}}} in Odenton

Odenton is a small town near Odyssey. It was first mentioned in #309: “The Perfect Witness, Part 1” when Eugene's stolen car was dropped off at a gas station "near Odenton". However, it is mainly mentioned in the Novacom saga when citizens of Odyssey think an illness originated in Odenton. The Mulligan family lives quite close to Odenton, as Lisa and Nick are both in the school system there. Mike Mulligan mentioned on two occasions that their family lives very near either Route 40 or Interstate 40 (he used the terms interchangeably), placing Odenton within a reasonable distance of one or the other of those major highways.

According to #640: “Rights, Wrongs, and Winners”, Wooton Bassett moved "out of the county" to Odenton. Therefore, Odenton is not in Campbell County.

Odenton's Little League baseball team is the "Odenton Barons".