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Website Name
The Odyssey Scoop
Date Founded
December 22, 2000
Founder/Main People

Started on December 22, 2000, The Odyssey Scoop is one of the oldest Adventures in Odyssey fan websites on the internet. The site contains a very exhaustive collection of reviews, articles, product listings, episode guide, audio, interviews, and more information. The site was regularly updated from 2000 to 2004 and slowed down briefly before swinging back into full gear. The blog is the site's most popular feature. The Odyssey Scoop celebrated its first decade on December 22, 2010.

Up-to-Date Adventures in Odyssey News

Check back to the Odyssey Scoop every day to learn the latest news about "Adventures in Odyssey" via the daily blog. The webmaster keeps a daily posting to keep fans informed about their favorite radio show. If you're interested in knowing when site updates become available, sign up for the "AIO Scoopian Newsletter" on the website. Scoopian readers get notifications of AIO products and site updates.

A Note About the Name

Some people may mistake The Odyssey Scoop website for the official Adventures in Odyssey website, or even think it is the Clubhouse Magazine monthly update. But it's not. The Odyssey Scoop was started by an AIO fan. Since its beginnings on December 22, 2000, the Scoop has grown and expanded - in more ways than one. The site contains information all about a famous radio drama called Adventures in Odyssey. So have a look around. Find the Scoop, get involved.

The Odyssey Scoop - providing the Scoop on Adventures in Odyssey, one cone at a time.

The Odyssey ScoopCast

Now is your chance to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at The Odyssey Scoop from the comforts of your iPod, mp3 player, or podcasting software! Stay informed about Adventures in Odyssey news as it happens and follow the world's #1 audio drama. This subscribers-only podcast takes you on a journey you'll never forget. Free to all subscribers. Click here to learn how to subscribe.

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