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Carson McKay
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Carson McKay, voiced by Dave Bitran, is a newcomer to the Odyssey world, though his family has been around since 2005. Since his family's entrance, he was referenced many times due to his children (Samantha and Grady) missing him so much, though he was never given a name.


Carson is Grady and Samantha McKay's father and is married to Kristi McKay.


Carson is recovering from a gambling addiction, without the benefit of having God to help him. His interaction with his family proves that although he puts on a bravado, he is terrified that he won't be accepted by them. Carson is very driven in whatever he does, which leads him to seeking forgiveness from his family, though his conversation with Whit proves that he's not quite sure what forgiveness is. Carson loves his family deeply, but is scared of hurting them again, and honestly wants what's best for them.


Carson McKay: Surprised to see me?
Wilson (b): With both your arms intact, yeah.

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Carson McKay: How far away from here can I get on a hundred bucks?

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Kristi McKay: I'm gonna be a hard sell. You know that, don't you?
Carson McKay: Sure, sure. I-I do. But—but I'm not trying to sell you anything. I just want to make things right.
Kristi McKay: We'll see about that. ...Thanks for fixing my car.
Carson McKay: You got it.

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Sherman Wurt: Step back. You don't know about my cane!
Carson McKay: I don't care about your cane when I've got my fist! <punches him>
Connie Kendall: Why didn't someone think of that before?!

#635: “Accidental Dilemma, Part 2”

Waitress: And for you, ma'am?
Samantha McKay: Uh, a Maxi Deluxe cheeseburger with extra cheese, and cheesy fries, and a milk, please!
Grady McKay: Why don't they just bring out the whole cow, Sam?
Carson McKay: You know what? That sounds good! Bring me a cow, too!

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Wooton Bassett: I've become a verb here in Odyssey.
Carson McKay: A what?
Wooton Bassett: Yeah, if a kid is being silly, his parents tell them to quit 'Wooton' around!

#628: “The Highest Stakes, Part 1”

Carson McKay: I can't expect them to forgive me over and over. It's not fair to them!
John Whittaker: No, no, it's not fair, but neither is abandoning them.
Carson McKay: It's the lesser of two evils.
John Whittaker: Now you're making excuses. Your mistakes don't let you off the hook from your responsibility as a father. The problem is that you think you can fix your mistakes on your own, and you can't, Carson. God is the only one who can fix what's wrong with you.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Carson McKay: My family's never gonna take me back!
John Whittaker: Give them a chance! This is your family, Carson. Do what's right.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”

Carson McKay: You'll forgive my saying so, Mr. Whittaker, but God's never shown much interest in what I'm going through. He doesn't know me.
John Whittaker: On the contrary: the problem is that you don't know Him.

#629: “The Highest Stakes, Part 2”


Carson McKay has appeared in 5 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Carson McKay}}%.

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Carson McKay has been mentioned in 3 episodes.