Just Say Yes

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#377: “Just Say Yes”
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Romans 12:10

10Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.

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Just Say Yes

“Just Say Yes” is episode #377 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Bill Myers, and originally aired on October 11, 1997.


The Mulligan family takes in a teenager with an attitude--a relative named Nick.


Dr. Tracy Mulligan, a veterinarian, and her blind daughter, Lisa, are at Tom Riley's farm tending to a calf that has been attacked by a cougar. While Tracy works on the calf, Tom explains the Connellsville Zoo is closing down and needs a place for some of the animals.

The next day, the Mulligans' cousin, Nick, comes to stay with them for a while and immediately offends Lisa with his crass behavior. Lisa's father, Mike, reminds her that because of her grandfather's death and his regrets about not doing more with his life, their family has decided to reach out to those in need, including Nick, and asks her to give him another chance.

However, Nick's smoking and appearance turn everyone off, convincing Lisa that it can't be God's will for Nick to stay with them. Her mother tries to explain that giving our lives to God and others is hard work, but the more we give our lives, the more of God we will get back. Nick breaks the rules and smokes in his room, setting off the smoke alarm and causing Mike to lose his patience.

After being sent to his room, Nick runs away. Tracy and Mike leave to search the surrounding area, while Lisa stays at home by the phone. However, just after her parents have left, Lisa discovers Nick outside, trapped by the cougar. Although they are frightened, the two scream loudly to scare the cougar away. Drawn together by their experience, Lisa and Nick decide to start over again and try to be more like family. Tracy mentions the Connellsville Zoo to Mike and, though Mike is reluctant, they agree to pray about possibly keeping the animals on their farm.

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Discussion Questions

  1. How did Lisa find it so hard to get along with Nick?
  2. Why did Nick run away?
  3. Can you think of any ways in your life that you could say "yes" to God?


Role Voice Actor
Amber Amber Arnold
Brenda Lauren Wilson
Lisa Mulligan Nicole Myers
Mike Mulligan Bill Myers
Nick Mulligan Chris Castile
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston
Traci Mulligan Vaughn Taylor


  • This episode introduced the Mulligan family, a family which continued to have their own AIO episodes. All Mulligan episodes are written by Bill Myers, of McGee and Me fame.
  • Interestingly, in this episode, Tom Riley seems to have a cow on his farm. Also, Odyssey is apparently in a part of the country where there are cougars.
  • Chris Castile, who plays Nick Mulligan, also played Zachary Sellars. Also, the actors who play Nick's aunt and uncle (Traci and Mike) played Zach's mom and her boyfriend.
  • Lisa and her friends, in describing Nick's appearance, make references to real-life companies such as Kmart (when Lisa jokes that he got his hair gel at a "blue light special" {where a blue light would go off in a specific aisle and the special would be announced in the P.A. system}) and Jiffy Lube. Ironically, at the time of the episode's original airing; Kmart had not held a "blue light special" in over 5 years, though the chain would briefly revive the specials periodically, most recently in 2015.
  • Mike mentions that their house is near Route 40, a major East/West US highway. However, in #388: “Leap of Faith” he says that he came home on I 40 — a completely different highway. Although he could be using the terms interchangeably, they are two separate East/West highways that stretch across the majority of the continental US. The roads are not close enough at any point on the map to reasonably assume their home lies in between them and that he regularly use both.


Nick Mulligan: Here, try some of this. I don't touch the stuff myself, but I hear it's good for emergencies.
Lisa Mulligan: (suspiciously) What is it?
Nick Mulligan: Water.

Lisa Mulligan: To be my brother you'd have to start out by being a member of the human race. Excuse me.
Nick Mulligan: Hey, hey! Is it something I said?

Nick Mulligan: It's too dark out here. You can't see a thing.
Lisa Mulligan: I'm used to the dark, remember?

Lisa Mulligan: Where's the cougar?
Nick Mulligan: Ol' Sylvester split like a cheap pair of jeans.

Lisa Mulligan: Hello, Nick. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Nick Mulligan: Of course it is.