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Doris Rathbone
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Doris Rathbone (née Vineropoli) is Bart Rathbone's wife, whom she met at a funeral where he was trying to sell life insurance while she was trying to score the car of the deceased. Realizing their mutual fondness for cheating people, they both teamed up and tried to start a phone scam. Doris turned herself in after Bart was caught, explaining "I'd rather be in jail with you than eating Cheetos by myself!" Presumably, this was when they fell in love (#609: “Prequels of Love”).


Doris is known for being a better parent to her son Rodney than Bart is, but she's not much better. She hardly ever gets involved in Bart's schemes, with the exceptions of #609: “Prequels of Love” and #368: “The Other Woman”. She is also probably not a very good cook because Rodney once described her as a person who is constantly "slaving over a hot microwave" (#443: “Changing Rodney”). She has a fondness for souvenirs, somewhat to the point of obsession (#256: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 1”), as well as "high society" and the finer things in life — as she sees it, anyway (#368: “The Other Woman”).


Doris lives on the same street as the Washingtons and the Straussbergs with Rodney and Bart. She has a cousin named Sissy (#368: “The Other Woman”). She also has a brother who is a house insurance agent (#397: “Tornado!”). Her brother married Bart Rathbone’s sister Delores Vineropoli.



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Doris Rathbone has appeared in 15 episodes, has been voiced by 3 actors, and has received an average user rating of 92.7%.

All (15)  · Pamela Hayden (1993-2002)  · Diane Hsu (2006-2007)  · Julia Kazarian (2005)

Doris Rathbone has been mentioned in 9 episodes.