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Sarah Prachett
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Sarah Prachett is a student at Odyssey Middle School who is friends with many of the other kids around town, including Mandy Straussberg, Liz Horton (with whom she also clashes because she finds Liz bossy), Alex Jefferson, Cal Jordan, and Nathaniel Graham; she has ongoing tension with Jared DeWhite, but still goes along with his ideas and schemes from time to time. She is a reporter for the Odyssey Owl.


Sarah holds a distinction among her peers for being a highly sarcastic girl. She can be very judgmental of others, and is not afraid to say what she thinks, no matter how acerbic. She can get very impatient with people who annoy her, but she can also be very loyal and helpful to the people she befriends—which often includes using her biting wit to bring them down to earth.


Sarah has an unnamed uncle near whose house Sarah and Mandy camp in #478: “Strange Boy in a Strange Land”. According to #452: “Missionary: Impossible” Sarah is of Dutch descent.



Sarah Prachett: What do you mean, "shhhh?"
Alex Jefferson: We mean be quiet. Our napkin dispenser might be bugged.
Sarah Prachett: Yup, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Too many video games--turns your brain into macaroni and cheese.

#481: “Grand Opening, Part 1”

Sarah Prachett: So you're telling me World War I never happened?
Jared DeWhite: World War I, II, the Civil War, you name it—it's a lie.

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Mandy Straussberg: It wasn't a crazy person. It was Jared!
Sarah Prachett: Did you hear what you just said?

#478: “Strange Boy in a Strange Land”

Sarah Prachett: Looks like this great day of thanks also contains a case of marital disharmony.

#383: “B-TV: Thanks”

Sarah Prachett: We went on vacation to Virginia last year. There's all sorts of Civil War monuments.
Jared DeWhite: Oh, yes. Brilliant scheme, that was. All of them built in 1986.
Sarah Prachett: What? Who built them?
Jared DeWhite: Adults. In 1984 the President got on TV. He said children are getting smarter and smarter, and soon they'll be smarter than us, so from now on we'll teach 'em lies. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and they've been teaching kids wrong stuff ever since.

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Alex Jefferson: Ugali!
Sarah Prachett: You better not be talking to me.

#452: “Missionary: Impossible”

Sarah Prachett: If this announcement has anything to do with space aliens, subliminal messages, or KGB squirrels, I'm gonna have a fit.

#409: “Natural Born Leader”

Sarah Prachett: Come on, printer, I could go faster with a stone tablet and a chisel!

#482: “Grand Opening, Part 2”

Sarah Prachett: You're a sad little boy.
Jared DeWhite: And you're just as ignorant as the rest of the youth of America.

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Sarah Prachett: How many bathrooms do you have?
Nathaniel Graham: I lost count after five and a half.

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Liz Horton: You really think you're better than everyone, don't you?
Sarah Prachett: Well, now that you mention it, maybe I am. I'm kind and loyal and gentle and...
Mandy Straussberg: Liz, remember what we talked about earlier?
Liz Horton: Yeah—right.
Sarah Prachett: ...and pretty and smart and almost perfect.
Liz Horton: I agree, Sarah: you are better than everyone else. You're kind and loyal—sort of like my Golden Retriever, actually. It's just too bad the resemblance doesn't end there.

#459: “Slumber Party”

Sarah Prachett: Go away... we've got candy hangovers.

#429: “The YAK Problem”

Sarah Prachett: Oh, you got your hair cut!
Liz Horton: Not cut, styled. Yesterday at Greenblatt's Department Store!
Sarah Prachett: <thinking> Would've guessed The Electric Palace.

#441a: “What Do You Think?”

Sarah Prachett: Are you saying Mr. Whittaker would lie?
Jared DeWhite: If he doesn't, he'll be thrown in jail, Sarah. You'd lie, too.

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Alex Jefferson: Andromeda, spy cameras, a hidden modem, Eugene's project on brain waves and radio waves, AREM, Jared. but how does it all connect?
Sarah Prachett: I don't know about you guys, but I think it's time we take this to someone who can tell us what's going on.
Unknown: Mr. Whittaker!

#482: “Grand Opening, Part 2”

Jared DeWhite: Ah! Here Let's get outa here!
Sarah Prachett: We'll get you for this, Julie! If it's the last thing we do!

#391: “The Joke's on You”

Jared DeWhite: Don't you think it's a scam? Who does this? Rides a bike across the country. What if there's a thunderstorm?
John Whittaker: Well, I imagine he takes shelter when he needs to.
Jared DeWhite: I'll tell you what he does. After he bikes through the city, he rides the next 100 miles in an air conditioned camper. Until he gets to the next city. Everybody thinks he's out there working and sweating when he's really sitting on an exercise bike in a camper while he watches TV and eats fig bars!
Sarah Prachett: See what I have to listen to?

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Nathaniel Graham: I mean, I'm happy to be your friend, but we'd rather not let the neighbors know.
Alex Jefferson: We don't have to be your friends if it's embarrassing to you!
Sarah Prachett: We have other friends we can visit, y'know!
Nathaniel Graham: Really? You could've fooled me. We've had to have the pinball machines recalibrated three times because you've been using them too much, and the filter in the pool had to be replaced four times because of excessive girl hair. I mean, I'm not complaining; we want to keep you as happy as possible. Without people like you on our side, who would pump our gas?

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Jared DeWhite: You think he'd wanna interview me?
Sarah Prachett: He wants to write about America. Not Mars.

#379: “Best Face Forward”

Sarah Prachett: Did he just kiss you?
Liz Horton: He must have. My cheek just went numb!

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”

Sarah Prachett: We walked around trying to find him, but we got lost somewhere between the library and the billiards room.

#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”


Sarah Prachett is voiced by Scarlett Pomers, has appeared in 19 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 92.4%.

Sarah Prachett has been mentioned in 6 episodes.