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Margaret Faye
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Margaret Faye is a minor character in Adventures in Odyssey. She was the former mayor of Odyssey. Margaret also had a love interest in John Whittaker, whom she fell in love with, and proposed to. Whit turned her down, due to their different spiritual and political beliefs.

Margaret may have been named as a dual reference to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and French journalist Guillaume Faye, and also possibly a reference to Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend.


Margaret Faye was the mayor of Odyssey, succeeding Tom Riley and preceding Spencer Hicks. She is a very no-nonsense woman, always doing her business. This is proved that whenever she comes into Whit's End, the staff there know that something's up, despite her repeated promise to 'come in sometime just for an ice cream cone'. She also appears to be a moderate Christian as she and Whit appeared to disagree with how their faith should play a role in government. She also appears to have a respect for the separation of Church and State as with what happened in The Forgotten Deed. She might be a feminist.


John Whittaker: <to Eugene> Thank you for that very helpful and touching statement on behalf of Whit's End.
Margaret Faye: Did he say anything?
John Whittaker: He did. As only Eugene can say it.

#637: “The Forgotten Deed”

Margaret Faye: Just remember, Connie. Whit isn't perfect.
Connie Kendall: He would be the first to tell you that.

#380: “The One About Trust, Part 1”

Margaret Faye: What deed, Whit?
Eugene Meltsner: What deed indeed?
Connie Kendall: Quiet, Eugene!

#637: “The Forgotten Deed”


Margaret Faye is voiced by Alexandra Kenworthy, has appeared in 10 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.7%.

Margaret Faye has been mentioned in 9 episodes.