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Life Trials of the Rich and Famous

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#451: “Life Trials of the Rich and Famous”
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35: The Big Picture ↓
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James 2:1-7
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The Big Deal, Part 2
Life Trials of the Rich and Famous
{{#vardefine:characters|04}}“Life Trials of the Rich and Famous” is episode #451 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger, and originally aired {{#var:airdatelink}}.


Alex Jefferson, Liz Horton, and Sarah Prachett discover that Nathaniel Graham has somehow hit the big times and has more money then he knows what to do with!


It's a beautiful day at Whit's End and Whit, Sarah, Liz, and Alex are taking advantage of it by painting the porch. Nathaniel rides up on his bike to say hello, but as he leaves, he almost starts riding in the wrong direction before he takes off. Alex wonders aloud why Nathaniel never invites him to his house anymore. The three kids go to his house to suddenly find that he no longer lives there. When they go to his new address, they find the reason that Nathaniel hasn't invited them over lately. His family lives in a big new house with chandeliers and a pool. He's rich! When Nathaniel shows up at the door, the three of them ask him why he never told them. He tries to dodge all their questions and finally agrees to meet them at Whit's End. Once there, Liz seems to be falling all over him, Sarah is trying to sell him Sunshine Girl cookies, and Alex keeps giving him business advice. They're all telling him how "high class" he is and what he should do to change his life.

Later when they're all in Nathaniel's indoor pool, he leaves to go up to his dad's office. He wonders if his dad likes being rich and why everyone's treating him differently. His dad suggests a clever way for him to show his friends who has really changed. At Whit's End, Nathaniel comes in, kisses Liz on the cheek, asks to buy twenty five thousand boxes of Sunshine Girl cookies (insisting that they name their troop after him), and tells Alex that his website ideas are childish. He even asks them to use the "servant's entrance" the next time they come to his house. "Who do you think you are?" they all say. Then he springs it on them. He's Nathaniel. He's still the same person that he was before he was rich and they all had changed. They all agree to treat him just like a normal person again.

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Discussion Questions[edit]

  1. How did Nathaniel's dad suggest "testing" his friends to see who had really changed?
  2. Why do you think that Liz, Sarah, and Alex started treating Nathaniel differently when they found out he was rich?
  3. Can you think of any other events that could happen to someone that might make people treat them differently?
    • Would you treat them differently?


Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Alex Jefferson]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Alex Jefferson voiced by Travis Tedford]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Travis Tedford]]
Mr. Graham Bob Hoose[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mr. Graham]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Mr. Graham voiced by Bob Hoose]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Bob Hoose]]
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with John Whittaker voiced by Paul Herlinger]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Paul Herlinger]]
Liz Horton Lauren Schaffel[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Liz Horton]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Liz Horton voiced by Lauren Schaffel]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Lauren Schaffel]]
Nathaniel Graham Blake Ewing[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Nathaniel Graham]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Nathaniel Graham voiced by Blake Ewing]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Blake Ewing]]
Sarah Prachett Scarlett Pomers[[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Sarah Prachett]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with Sarah Prachett voiced by Scarlett Pomers]][[Category:{{#var:casttype}} with acting by Scarlett Pomers]]


  • This episode is production engineer Bob Luttrell's first show in five years.


Liz Horton: The kid (Nathaniel Graham) wears garage sale clothes. No way is this his house.

Liz Horton: Nathanial is not a Multi-millionaire. Have you seen his haircut?

Liz Horton: I wanted to be your girlfriend so I could swim in your pool, not because I wanted to be seen with you.

Sarah Prachett: How many bathrooms do you have?
Nathaniel Graham: I lost count after five and a half.