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Bob Smithouser
Episode Characters Played 24
Episode Appearances 25
Episodes Written 2
Books Written 2
Podcast Appearances 338
Documentary Appearances 58
Podcasts Hosted 1

Bob Smithouser
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Episode appearances
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Bob Smithouser co-hosts The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast, and has played more than 20 minor characters on the show. His debut came as Commander Schulman in #258: “Aloha, Oy!, Part 3” Bob also can be heard as Lieutenant Shaw (#334: “The Final Conflict”, #333: “The Last Resort”), Ricky (#462: “The W.E.”), Mr. Phelps (#599: “Blood, Sweat, and Fears”) and Arthur Dent's neighbor in #487: “Plan B, Part 4: Resistance”. An author and senior editor with over 20 years of service at Focus on the Family, Bob edited the ministry's Plugged In magazine for 16 years until that content migrated online to in 2009. He still provides a Christian perspective on popular entertainment via articles and blogs, and hosts the weekly Official Plugged In Podcast. Bob lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two children.


Episodes Written (2) · Acting (25) · Characters (24) · Books (2) · Podcasts (338) · Documentaries (58) · Podcasts Hosted (1)

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Bob Smithouser has written 2 episodes with an average rating of 90%
Bob Smithouser has written 2 books with an average rating of 94%
Bob Smithouser has appeared in 338 podcasts
Bob Smithouser has hosted 1 podcast

Bob Smithouser is voiced by Bob Smithouser, has appeared in 1 episode, and has received an average user rating of 89%.
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