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Hi my names cooldude333 i have recently become a member of aio wiki i think i have listened to every episode except the ones in album 52 Cause and Effect because i haven't gotten my copy yet, i have even listened to some of the family portraits episodes. Cooldude333 18:25, 15 December 2010 (UTC)Cooldude333

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"Connie from the Kendall tribe" 168: The Curse

"Connie Kendall: You know, suddenly I'm beginning to feel very...warm.

Whit: Oh, Connie.

Connie: No really, Whit, I think it's because of this cloth!

Whit: I think it's because you're leaning up against the hot plate.

Connie: Huh? Ow, ow!" The Jesus Cloth

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Random Quote

Random Quote

Joe Finneman: I don't want to go because I already know what's gonna happen...I haven't been to church since I was a boy, and I can guarantee you nothing has changed...I'll prove it to you. First thing that happens when you get there is somebody greets you. Grabs your hand and nearly shakes it off. Am I right?...Alright, then you go in and sit. And they start off with a few announcements about Brother So-and-So's gallbladder and Sister Such-and-Such's rheumatism--
Connie Kendall: She has arthritis, actually.
Joe Finneman: Mm hm. And next the music man rises and directs two or three melodies everybody mouths the words to, which is followed by a prayer, which is followed by more lip-syncing.
Connie Kendall: Nobody lip-synchs.
Joe Finneman: Nobody except the choir. And if they aren't, then they're squeaking out a ditty nobody could understand even if they wanted to. Oh, then comes my favorite part. The collection of the money.
Connie Kendall: We do not collect the money then. We do it later.
Joe Finneman: Oh, I thought so. But once all this is done we finally get to the headliner. Pastor Fire-and-Brimstone steps up and reminds us of what wretched creatures we are...once a month or so, he'll invite folks to come forward, but the rest of the time he just wraps up with another little ditty or a closing prayer to catch what we missed the first time around...Then everybody shakes your hand off again, and they all go out front and smoke cigarettes.
Connie Kendall: Nobody smokes.
“...The Last Shall Be First”